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Stand-alone Hangman game with interesting variations, including quotations.
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Stand-alone Hangman game with interesting variations, including quotations.
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Contents of the HANGMAN.DOC file

1014A West Badger Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53713

------------ --- ---------


HANGMAN requires a 64K or larger IBM Personal Computer (96K or
larger under DOS 2.0 and later operating systems) with one disk
drive and an 80-column display.


The first step is to create a working disk combining the files from
the enclosed HANGMAN disk together with several files from the DOS
disk. This working disk will automatically execute HANGMAN whenever
it is booted.

1) Boot the DOS disk in Drive A and place a blank disk in Drive B
(if you have only one disk drive you will have to switch the
disks back and forth as described in your DOS manual).

Then type FORMAT B:/S

This operation will format the blank disk in Drive B and
transfer the core of the DOS Operating System.

2) Remove the DOS disk and place the enclosed HANGMAN disk in
Drive A.

Then type COPY *.* B:

This operation will copy the contents of your original HANGMAN
disk onto the working disk.

Once you have completed Step 2 you will have a working disk which
will boot with the HANGMAN game. To run HANGMAN, put the working
disk in Drive A, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and in a few seconds you'll be
off and running.


Users may copy HANGMAN and distribute it for trial use by others on
a private, non-commercial basis. The following conditions apply:

1. The programs and data files are not modified in any way.
2. Programs and data files are not distributed separately.
3. No fee is charged for copying or distribution.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms, send your

========================== BASIC HANGMAN ==========================


To begin playing the game, place your working copy of HANGMAN into
Drive A, then press Ctrl-Alt-Del to re-boot the system. The first
message you will see on your screen describes how you can make a
voluntary contribution to the author of the HANGMAN game. If you
have purchased this game directly from Norland Software or if you
have already made a contribution to the author, please disregard
this message.

Now, press any key to begin the game.


The main menu actually consists of two menus: an 'Options Menu'
and a 'Games Menu.' As soon as these menus are displayed on your
screen you can begin selecting the options you desire by pressing
the letter which is shown in parentheses next to the option. THE

Options Menu

The menu on the bottom half of the screen lists various
options for controlling musical sounds and the difficulty of
the HANGMAN game:

(L) Level of Play - Amateur
(O) Orchestra is On Duty
(S) Sounds are Ready
(T) Time is Unimportant

Press "L" to switch from Amateur to Expert or from Expert to
Press "O" to turn the music on or off.
Press "S" to turn other beeps and clicks on or off.
Press "T" to turn the internal timer on or off. With the
timer on ("Time is Running Out") you are only
allowed a short period of time to guess the hidden
word or phrase. The amount of time allowed is
constantly adjusted to match your skill at playing
the game.

If you have not played HANGMAN before you should be sure to
play at the "Amateur" skill level with the timer off ("Time is
Unimportant"). In this mode the HANGMAN game will provide you
with additional playing instructions at the beginning of each


Games Menu

The menu on the top half of the screen lists the various
HANGMAN games available to you:

(A) Basic Hangman
(B) Educational Hangman
(C) Literate Hangman
(D) Personalized Hangman
(E) General Instructions

To begin playing any of these games, press the letter which is
shown in parentheses next to the name of the game. If you
have not played HANGMAN before, you should start by selecting
the "General Instructions."


Once you have selected one of the HANGMAN games the computer will
set up the scaffolding for the Hangman and will display a blank
line for the hidden word or phrase. As soon as this blank line is
displayed you can begin guessing the letters in the word or
phrase: Simply press the letter corresponding to your guess. THE

Note that the following function keys (located on the left-hand
side of your keyboard) are active at all times during the game:

Press "F1" to select a new word or phrase.
Press "F2" to display the hidden word or phrase.
Press "F10" to exit to the main menu.

NOTE: HANGMAN uses files on the HANGMAN disk throughout the game.
DO NOT remove the HANGMAN disk or open the door to the disk
drive at any time while playing HANGMAN.

1014A West Badger Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53713

SLEUTH is an interactive murder mystery. As a game of SLEUTH begins, a murder
has just been committed. It is your job to explore the house (which is
displayed on the screen), to question the houseguests for their alibis, and to
locate both the murder weapon and the scene of the murder. The challenge of
SLEUTH is to solve the crime, gather all of the suspects together, and accuse
the guilty party before the killer gets suspicious of your investigation and
eliminates you from the game. Each game of SLEUTH is different from the last,
so you must always explore the house fully before you can solve the murder.
Also, to make things more interesting, you can choose a 'Personalized' option
which allows you to populate the house with your friends and acquaintances.
Price: $20.

HANGMAN for the SUPERINTELLIGENT. The traditional Hangman game with a few
twists. This game provides four levels of play:
1) Basic Hangman provides you with a secret word which you must guess by
selecting letters of the alphabet. Your only clue is that you know in
advance how many letters are in the word.
2) Educational Hangman. In this variation of Hangman you no longer know the
number of letters in the word. Your only clue is a brief definition of the
word which is displayed on the screen. Ideal for building your vocabulary.
3) Literate Hangman is stocked with famous sayings and quotations from
throughout the ages. Your only clue is the author of the phrase.
4) Personalized Hangman. If you are playing Hangman with two or more players
you can select your own words and phrases to try to stump your friends.
HANGMAN for the SUPERINTELLIGENT is stocked with over 1000 words and phrases
selected to provide a challenge for accomplished players. This game is
definitely not for children. Price: $20

BASIC HANGMAN. This version of Hangman is identical to HANGMAN for the
SUPERINTELLIGENT except that the words are somewhat less esoteric and the
phrases are somewhat more familiar. Price: $15.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE HANGMAN. This version of HANGMAN allows you to practice
your knowledge of a foreign language. Words and phrases can be presented
either in English or in foreign translation (with clues provided in the
opposite language). Currently available with Spanish and French vocabularies.
Be sure to specify the language desired when ordering. Price: $20.

CUSTOMIZED HANGMAN. You can create your own customized version of HANGMAN by
using this utility program which allows you to enter your own words or phrases
for use by the HANGMAN program. Please specify whether you need the utility
program for English Language Hangman (HANGMAN for the SUPERINTELLIGENT;
BASIC HANGMAN) or the utility program for Foreign Language Hangman (FRENCH

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL GAMES: 80-column display, one disk drive, 64K of
memory under DOS 1.1, 96K of memory under DOS 2.0, 2.1.

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