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Help for Hack v3.6+.
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Help for Hack v3.6+.
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Contents of the HACK.TXT file

These are currently the treasures I have found and used
in HACK along with their uses:

Cold (Does massive damage, but it bounces, so be careful!)
In the situation below, if you shot a wand of cold,
or any wand that bounces, at the acid blob, it would
bounce and hit you!

Fire (Also bounces. Good for wasting shopkeepers)
Secret Door/Trap Detection (Good for searching whole rooms)
Light (Comes in handy as you near the 20th level or so)
Wishing (Allows you to wish for ANY object. I wished for
+5 platemail and a regeneration ring. In order
to get what you want, you must type the ENTIRE
Striking (Does minor damage. NEEDED to kill zuts)
Digging (Gets you out of a shop or into the Leprachaun's room)
- More -
Magic Missile (LONG range, bounces)
Polymorph (Turns monsters into other, usually harder, monsters)
Speed Monster (Allow the monster 2 attacks for your 1, a useless item)
Slow Monster (Reverse of the above. Good for monsters with multiple
attacks. Ex: Umber Hulks, Purple worms)
Teleport Monster (Get back, Jack!)
Death (Bounces. Kills anything it hits [Including YOU!])
Summon Monster (Useless unless you are a glutton for punishment)
Make Monster Invisible (He was there a second ago??)
Sleep (Bounces. Nighty Night!)

Regeneration (1 hp/move)
Teleport (Randomly teleports you every once in a while)
Teleport Control (Allows you pick where you want to be teleported by
the ring, scroll or trap)
Stealth (Lets you sneak past monsters most of the time)
Protection (I've found a +1, +2 and a +3 version. Also cursed sometimes)
Strength (I've found a +1, +2 and a +5 version)
Weakness (I've found -1 and -6 [gasp!])
Pro. from Shape Changers (Away foul MIMIC!)
Secret Door Detection (Finds them for you weather you like it or not!)
- More -
Adornment (Normal ring. No Magical properties)
Leveitation (Cursed. You cant go down stairs or pick anything up.)
See Invisible (Ha! I KNEW he was there. Lets you see invisible stalkers)
Warning (Uh oh. Danger ahead. WHITE=Danger PINK=Ok for now)
Increase Damage (I've found a +2 version)
Hunger (Oh, my achin' stomach. Cursed)


Scare Monster (AHHHHH!!)
Fire (Dunno. Useless as far as I know)
Punishment (Gives you a ball and chain which hits you on the head when
you go down steps. Get rid of with REMOVE CURSE)
Enchant Armor (Gives +1 to your armor. If you try to get armor above
+5, it evaporates [as I found out with my +5 plate
mail--on the 20th lvl!])
Enchant Weapon (Adds +1 to weapon. No limit found as of yet. I've gotten
my sword up to +4)
De-Enchant Weapon (Just the opposite)
Destroy Armor (Poof! It's dust.)
Confuse Monster (Which way did he go? Which way did he go?)
Teleportation (Good for escaping danger or shops)
- More -
Amnesia (Huh? Where am I?)
Summon Monster (As the Wand)
Genocide (Nice! Allows you to wipe out any one species of monster!)
(I do Cockatrices then Purple Worms)
Laughter (No use found as of yet. Somebody identify it and tell me the
REAL name)
Remove Curse (Allows you to lose ball and chain, remove cursed rings,
armor, etc.)
Blank (???. Someone identify this one)
Light (I'd rather have the wand)
Map (Gives you map of the whole level)
Food Detection (Ya gotta eat...)


Amnesia (As the Scroll)
Darkness (Who turned out the lights!!!??)
Healing (Minor repair work, curse darkness, amnesia, etc)
Extra-Healing (Major repair work. 20 or so hit points, cures poison)
Speed (NOT LSD. Make like Jesse Owens)
Paralysis (Ma! I canna move my legs!)
Leveitation (How do I get down from here??)
- More -
Invisibility (Monsters can see you [or is it smell?] but you can't!)
Restore Strength (Lost to poison, rings, etc)
Liquid Fire (Unknown)
Fruit Juice (Florida Orange Juice)

Confusion (As the Scroll)
Food Detection (as the Scroll)
Gold Detection (So I'm greedy)
Object Detection (THERE is some armor!)
Monster Detection (Yipe! A kobold!)

WEAPONS (not always magical, sometimes cursed)

Long Sword
Two-Handed Sword
- More -
Sling Bullets

ARMOR (Same limitation as weapons)

Plate Mail (the best)
Banded Mail
Scale Mail
Leather (The worst)
Ring Mail
Studded Leather
Elven Cloak (for Wizards)
Chain Mail
Helmet (A MUST to protect you from Piercers!)

OTHER (Useful objects)
- More -
Whistle (Here Rover!)

TRAPS that I've found
Gas (Nighty Night!)
Teleport (Huh? Where did the store go?)
Dart (Sometimes poisoned)
Beartrap (ouch!)
Trapdoor (Down we go...)

GEMS (Uses unknown)
Yellowish Brown
- More -

FOOD (Ethiopia we aren't!)
Normal Ration
Tripe Ration (Dog food)
Tins (Contain anything from Spinach [gain strength] to peaches)
Fortune Cookie (Sometimes give you clues)
Candy Bar (Baby Ruth)

If any of you find any more object or magic not on this list,
please contact The OverLord on Fantasy Land of by voice (616)

Current members of the KHA (Kalamazoo Hack Association) are:

- More -
Ian Schirado
Paul Johnson
Mark Allen
Tommy Thornton

If anyone else is playing Hack, let one of us know! It's great!

HACK currently only works on PCDOS or MSDOS computers, sorry!

Happy Hacking!!!!!!!

[Paul Johnson]
HACK.TXT 18-JUN-85 5888

Sect: 3 - IBM-PC Accesses: 1
Catg: 2 - Text

Msg. for ALL HACK players! PLEASE read!

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