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Nice ver of Hack, color cnf files work, ported from Amiga,w/rude comment.
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Nice ver of Hack, color cnf files work, ported from Amiga,w/rude comment.
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HACKLITE.CNF 3566 1596 deflated
HACKLITE.EXE 349594 160126 deflated
HDCOLOR.CNF 3566 1593 deflated
HDMONO.CNF 3562 1594 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

To run Hack Lite from floppies, do the following:

If you have a color monitor, copy COLOR.CNF from disk 2 to disk 1 and
rename it HACKLITE.CNF. Copy your COMMANND.COM file to disk 2 so you will
be able to use the ! command to talk to DOS during play. If you do not want
to be prompted to switch disks, change the ";y" on the SAVE line in the
configuration file to ";n". (Note that once you have loaded the game, disk
1 will not be used. Disk 2 is called the "GAME disk" even though it does
not have a copy of the game. If you have a single disk system, you will get
several prompts when the game starts up to switch between drives a and b.
You should switch to disk 2 on the first such prompt, and just hit carriage
return for each other such prompt.)

If you have a high-density floppy drive, you can combine the two disks, and
alter HACKLITE.CNF so that HACKDIR specifies drive A: rather than drive B:.
This will reduce the number of disk changes needed during play. (If you
want to use your game disk for save files too, change the SAVE and LEVELS
lines to also use drive A:.)

To install Hack Lite on a hard disk, do the following:

Copy HACKLITE.EXE from disk 1 to the directory you want to play Hack from.
Copy one of HDCOLOR.CNF or HDMONO.CNF from disk 2 to the same directory,
renaming it HACKLITE.CNF. (HDCOLOR.CNF is for color monitors and HDMONO.CNF
is for monochrome monitors.) Copy the remaining files on disk 2 to any
directory. Alter the HACKLITE.CNF file so that the HACKDIR line names the
directory containing the disk 2 files.

Miscellaneous notes:

If your PC is fully IBM-compatible, you should be sure to use the IBMBIOS
and rawio options, which speed up screen display, and let you use the
numeric keypad. If Hack Lite hangs up your machine, or displays incorrectly,
try removing one or both of these options.

You must have DEVICE=ANSI.SYS in your DOS CONFIG.SYS file in order to play
Hack Lite.

If you use a RAM disk, remove the comment symbol (#) from the RAMDISK line in
HACKLITE.CNF, and specify the letter of your RAM disk. This will make going
from level to level much faster.

By altering your HACKLITE.CNF file, you can also change your name, default
character, color choice, and function key definitions. Read the comments
in the file for more information.

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