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Simple guitar tuner, fairly accurate for casual use.
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Simple guitar tuner, fairly accurate for casual use.
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Contents of the GTUNER.DOC file

GTUNER V1.0 - A Guitar TUNER

The IBM PC program GTUNER.EXE is meant to be a guitar tuner. I tested its'
performance with my KORG DT-1 quartz digital tuner and found GTUNER to
produce reasonably accurate tones.

How to use GTUNER
Run the program by typing GTUNER at the DOS prompt.

GTUNER will now display a menu for you to choose a function.

Choose :

1 - To get the Standard Guitar tuning (i.e. Low E, A, D, G, B, Hi E)

2 - To get tuning 1/2 step below the Std. ( i.e. Low Eb, Ab, Db, Gb,
Bb, Hi Eb).

3 - To get an individual note from the Standard tuning. Input the letter
of the note when prompted. Note that 'e' is for Low E, 'E' for Hi E.

4 - To get Middle 'C' note. I just threw this in in case you've got other
band members that may need it.

5 - To get the 'A' note at 440 hz. I just threw this in too.

6 - To exit GTUNER, and return to the DOS prompt.

Parting Notes
I hope that you will find use for this program. I've created it with the best
intentions. I'll allow you to use it as long as you like. You may copy it
and give it to your fellow musicians. However, if you DO find this program
useful, I ask that you send me $10.00 for my efforts. We all have to eat.

Thanks for using GTUNER, and keep the fire in that axe!!

Gerry Seidl
140 Bowers Street
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854

CompuServe - 72307,154
Delphi - GSEIDL

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