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An excellent tank battle game where two players go head to head.
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An excellent tank battle game where two players go head to head.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

V 1.00
(C) 1991 Enque Software

Ground War is a two-player tank game, that involves both hand-eye
coordination and strategy. Find a friend and take a position at
the controls, then try to outfight and outsmart your opponent! One
player takes the position of the Allies, while the other takes the
position of the Iraqis.

We at Enque Software originally designed this game to have the
ability to play your opponent over a modem. When on Friday,
February 22, 1991 our troops went into Kuwait, we decided to go
ahead and release this first version under the ShareWare concept,
and continue to work on the modem version for a future release.

The ShareWare principle is simple. If you enjoy playing this game,
and wish to reward the hard work that went into it's design and
construction, you can give support by registering the game with us.
Upon your registration, you will be given access to an exclusive
download area on the Enque BBS where you will find free updates and
enhancements to the program (including the modem version when it is
available). If you wish to register, just send $10.00 (or whatever
you feel the program is worth) to the address below:

Enque Software
Route 1, Box 116C
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

The BBS number is (816) 353-0991, and is up on the weekdays all
hours with the exception of 5-10pm. Call and say hello! If you
call 5-10pm weekdays or on the weekends, you'll get a friendly voice
(or not so friendly if you call Saturday morning at 3:00am)!

Please feel free to give this version to your friends, colleagues,
and any bulletin boards that you may frequent. You may not charge
any price for this program, with the exception of reasonable media

or handling charges. Reasonable charges mean nothing more than a few
dollars (since registration is only $10.00, after all). Also, please
distribute this program in it's original archival file, as others
cannot benefit from the program if only parts of it are distributed.

Enque Software is the sole owner of the copyright to Ground War.


Ok, now on to playing the game. To begin, just type GRNDWAR from
the DOS prompt, and read the instruction screens that are presented.
Look carefully at the keys shown on the screen and what they do.
Then man your controls and get ready.

Your goal is to destroy the enemy. You have several tanks, along
with reserve fuel and ammo on your side of the border to help you
accomplish the job. Just maneuver your tank into position and fire

Now a few pointers are in order. The main one to remember is that
your controls may be used in combination with each other. That means
you can rotate your turret, move your tank, and fire all at the same
time. To destroy your target, just point your turret in it's
direction and hold down the fire key. You will notice as you are
holding down the key that your fire indicator at the bottom of the
screen increases left to right. When the appropriate charge is built
up, release the fire button and watch your shell as it is propelled
from the muzzle of your gun. If your shell falls short or fires long,
just fire again, adjusing your fire strength by varying the time you
hold down the button.

Try to take out his bunkers first, then his ammo dumps and fuel
storage facilities. These are worth the most points, and will reduce
his capability to refuel and resupply his tanks. Be careful though,
as you can destroy your supplies as well. Do your best to defend
the strategic targets on your side of the border.

Watch out for the minefields, as they can destroy your tank. Once
a tank has walked into a minefield and explodes, then that minefield
is taken out, and can be traversed safely. You can of course take out
a minefield yourself by firing on it, thus detonating the mines.

If your tank suddenly stops, it's probably because you have run out
of fuel (or run into a bunker or other obstacle). To refuel your tank,
just press your refuel button. You may also find that your tank has
run out of shells. To resupply your ammo, just press the resupply
button. The number of refuels and resupplies are indicated as little
gas cans and bullets just below your fire indicator. If your ammo
dumps or fuel storage tanks are taken out, the number of refuels and
resupplies you can perform will be reduced, putting you at a

At any time you can switch to the next tank in your group by
simply pressing the appropriate next tank key. Use this capability
to maneuver your tanks to strategic portions of the battlefield.

Remember, the object is to score the most points. You can destroy
all his tanks, but still loose the war if your strategic targets are
decimated. Protect your bunkers, as these are where your ground
troops are housed, and therefore are worth the most points.


Ground War was written in 100% C code, and requires an EGA compatible
graphics card with at least 256k on the card. The sprites in this
program were created with our own in-house sprite creator. We are
currently working on a FAST sprite package for C programmers, and
will release it as ShareWare for those of you who want to create your
own fast flicker-free multi-color games.


A Somber Note:
Ground War is only a game. Real war costs lives, and we at
Enque Software wish to point out that our brave troops are fighting
and dying in the Gulf for OUR freedom. God bless them all, and may
we never forget the sacrifice they are making. Let's all make sure
they get a hero's welcome when they come home.

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