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Interesting and inventive arcade type game.
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Interesting and inventive arcade type game.
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Grime----The Revenge of the MOLD

Dove Chemical corporation had ignored numerous warnings from
environmental agencies and had continued to dump toxic wastes from
their biological warfare experiments into the swamp which
surrounded their property. Through a bizzare combination of these
wastes, a strange and horrible phenomenon spawned in the mire. A
pestilence beyond the wildest visions of man, a blight of Biblical
proportions, a creature that would take its revenge on all salad
eaters. The champion of the carrot, cabbage, and the downtrodden
rutebaga. Yes, it was a plant with a thirst for blood like a human
thirst for tomato juice. The Mold grew, sending deadly spores as
emissaries of death to neighbouring human settlements. Onward it
pushed. Growing, oozing with its deadly grime swallowing men,
women, and children like so many radishes. Now it threatens
Spudville, a community of 8 million innocent Irish vegitarians...

The fate of Spudville and life as we know it rests in your
hands. With the aid of a new herbicide you, and only you, can stop
the growth of the Mold.

The new herbicide is contained in a hydraulically controlled
mechanism called a Herbmobile which can aim its firing nozzle in
one of four directions. By pushing , the firing nozzle will
rotate clockwise spraying the Mold with its deadly nemesis making
it as dangerous as so much wilted lettuce. Using the arrow keys on
the numeric keypad, the Herbmobile can be manouvered up, down or
side to side. A special added feature of this new model is that by
pressing a combination of two directions, a diagonal trajectory can
be obtained. By pressing , a stream of deadly Garlic salad
dressing will exude continuously from the nozzle of your
Herbmobile. However, if you are one of those workaholic types and
prefer to make life difficult, you can send deadly pellets at the
Mold by pressing the space bar. If the action gets too exciting for
you, you can pause the game by pressing . Yes Johnny, it's
just like when you watch those movies on your VCR.

Beware, the Mold is not without its own defense systems. It
didn't get to be a huge mass of dirty, grimy slop for nothing...
Bleeding hearts drop from the top of the screen leaving behind a
deadly trail of new Mold colonies. From these colonies a grimy,
moldy puss will attempt to engulf your Herbmobile swallowing it
into the unending abyss of Grime. Once in a while, a Shamrock will
cross the screen from side to side, subtley altering the genetic
structure of any Grime which it passes through. The Mold has also
enlisted the help of Tadpoles from the swamp outside Dove
Chemicals. Aided by the strange combination of chemicals, they
have mutated into Giant Polliwogs. These, unlike the stupid
vegetable, can sense your location and will attempt to turn your
formidable Herbmobile into a tasty dragonfly sandwich.
Fortunately, these mosters only appear every 5,000 points.

While you valiantly struggle in combat with the Grime, the folks
of Spudville work hard at the Herbmobile factory . They will create a
new vehicle every 10,000 points you earn.

Command Summary: Rotate Clockwise ----------
Rotate Counterclockwise ---
Movement ------------------ Arrow keys on
numeric keypad
Firing --------------------
Automatic Fire Toggle -----
Pause till next key -------

This program is distributed as FREEWARE, and you are encouraged to
distribute copies to as many people as you can, especially to bullitin
boards. However, if you enjoy GRIME, please consider making
a contribution to the author: At worst, it encourages more good
Thank you very much for your support!

A contribution of $10.00 is suggested. Please include your name and
address: We would like to know where GRIME is going and will try to
keep you informed about any new Damar programs.

TO : Mark Elendt
To: Mark Elendt
76 St. Leonards Ave.
Toronto, Canada
M4N 1K3

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

(Copywrite 1984, Mark Elendt)
Copyright 1984, Mark Elendt.

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