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Green Version 1.02 (ASP) You battle the pavers by planting green areas.
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Green Version 1.02 (ASP) You battle the pavers by planting green areas.
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Contents of the README file

GREEN -- playtester notes: Version 0.07 26 Aug 1991

Let me know your favorite strategies or tricks. Best and most unusual ones
will be included with your name in the final doc. For example, one
interesting trap is to have a solid block of walls, and open a window on one
of them. When a paver steps in, you can change the window back to a wall,
trapping the paver.

Comments on the doc, or alternate phrasings appreciated...

I will be including playtester names in the final doc -- if i only have your
handle, please let me know.

Version notes:
.07 --
* add Paver strategies, based on modes
* add beveled edges to reports & terrain icons
* add group mode settings: F6
* changed F2 to F5 for ind mode settings
* changed energy display to use colors rather than number for
.06 --
* better paver algorithms
* faster mouse response, esp when there are many units
* new map: Lake replaces Hedgerows
.05 --
* add mode setting screen for planters -- you can now
define their major function:
plant / grow / clear rubble / rest / move to marker
* more frequent income updates & automatic energy relist
* switched mouse controls -- left button now does terrain,
while right button does scrolling
* revised scoring, win requirements & bonus; increase income rates
I'd appreciate receiving a copy of your gr.hof file, so i can see
what sorts of scores are being obtained at various difficulty &
conditions. Right now, no extra points or bonuses are given for the
various maps -- should there be? how could maps be rated?
* set time limit, and show time remaining rather than time elapsed
.04 --
* let player turn pavement, walls to rubble
* continue work on scoring & bonus algorithms
.03 --
* added help screens
* increase frequency of income updates

Planned additions:
* pause button
* soundblaster support
Known bugs:
* need better figures -- planters, pavers, agents, etc

Betatest guidelines:
This program is an early test. Testing emphasis at this point should
be on the play of the game. Try unusual strategies or commands, to test
both the response of the code & the rules. Look for loopholes that let you
win too easily, etc. Feel free to comment on other aspects, though.

Please do not pass this program to anyone else. You can show it to others
for testing purposes. The final program may change substantially, and
documentation needs a bit of work , so I don't want this version

Current graphics include some unit icons that we also use in Scope -- these
will be changed to animated figures that more reasonably represent planters
and pavers (eg, real estate agents, farmers, construction crews, etc.)

I would like to have levels 1-5 be fairly easy to play & win, so if it's too
easy, that's ok. Try a higher level & see if it changes.

Also, the intent is to have a quick-playing game -- something that takes 20-
30 minutes to play to conclusion. Scoring should encourage replay, as more
skilled play will give you higher scores. I am currently collecting
intermediate statistics as the game moves along, so may be able to display a
graph that shows the progress of the game -- income, percentages, etc. Any
ideas or suggestions on what could be shown?

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