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This is a very nice car editor for Grand Prix World Circuit.
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This is a very nice car editor for Grand Prix World Circuit.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALBORETO.HEL 20 17 deflated
ALESI.HEL 20 19 deflated
BENETTON.CAR 20 20 stored
BERGER.HEL 20 20 stored
BLUNDELL.HEL 20 20 stored
BRUNDLE.HEL 20 17 deflated
COMAS.HEL 20 18 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 21008 9912 deflated
FERRARI.CAR 20 20 stored
FITTIPAL.HEL 20 16 deflated
FOOTWORK.CAR 20 20 stored
GACHOT.HEL 20 20 stored
GPEDITOR.EXE 213840 71630 deflated
GPEDITOR.HLP 28416 17328 deflated
HAKKINEN.HEL 20 20 stored
HERBERT.HEL 20 18 deflated
HILL.HEL 20 16 deflated
JORDON.CAR 20 19 deflated
KATAYAMA.HEL 20 20 stored
LAMY.HEL 20 14 deflated
LAROUSSE.CAR 20 20 stored
LIGIER.CAR 20 20 stored
LOTUS.CAR 20 20 stored
MARTINI.HEL 20 20 stored
MCLAREN.CAR 20 20 stored
MINARDI.CAR 20 20 stored
PACIFIC.CAR 20 20 stored
README.TXT 2737 1343 deflated
SAUBER.CAR 20 19 deflated
SCHMACHE.HEL 20 20 stored
SENNA.HEL 20 20 stored
SIMTEK.CAR 20 19 deflated
TEAMS94.GPE 2756 1525 deflated
TEAMS94.NAM 1484 639 deflated
TK.CAR 20 17 deflated
TYRRELL.CAR 20 20 stored
WARICK.HEL 20 14 deflated
WENDLING.HEL 20 17 deflated
WHATSNEW.TXT 1356 710 deflated
WILLIAMS.CAR 20 19 deflated

Download File GPED20.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

GP Editor V2.0 24th April 1994

GPEDITOR is a Windows utility for editing the car and helmet designs
(colours) used by the MicroProseTM PC "Grand Prix" / "World Circuit"
simulation program. GPEDITOR may also be used to modify the performance of
the cars and drivers.

GPEDITOR requires Windows V3.1 and a mouse. For best results this program
requires a Windows display driver capable of displaying 256 or more
simultaneous colours. It will however work with standard 16 colour display
drivers, but the colours won't correspond very well to those seen whilst
running the game.

GPEDITOR has been tested with V1.03/V1.05 of the European (English),
and V1.04/V1.05 of the US version of GP.EXE.

As this is not a MicroProse product you should not attempt to get support for
a modified game EXE file from MicroProse.If you have problems with the game
then install the original copy of the game EXE.

GPED20.ZIP The archive file for V2.0 of GPeditor.
GPEDITOR.EXE Windows GPeditor program.
GPEDITOR.HLP Windows GPeditor help file.
CTL3D.DLL Windows 3-D control library.
README.TXT This file!
WHATSNEW.TXT New features in V2.0.
TEAMS94.NAM Team/Engine/Driver names for 1994. Microprose game format.
*.CAR Some team car design files.
*.HEL Some driver helmet design files.

This program may be freely copied and distributed, as long as it is not
modified in any way, no fee is charged and the help file is always included
with the executable. This program is provided "as is" with no warranties
expressed or implied. The author will not be held responsible for any losses
incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of this program.

This program was written by Trevor Kellaway. I would like to thank MicroProse
for writing such an excellent simulation program in the first place, making
the time spent writing GPEDITOR worthwhile.

Please send any suggestions, comments, or bug reports (include the version of
GPEDITOR you are using and the version of the game EXE) to the author at:

ACS BBS: Tel: +44 (0) 273 571457. (24hr, 300-9600 Bd, N.8.1)
CompuServe: 100331,2330
Internet: [email protected]

Or via snail mail to:
Airtech Computer Security Ltd
95 Ditchling Rd.
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0) 273 672191
Fax: +44 (0) 273 672542

Whilst the author is an employee of ACS this program and help file are not
the commercial property of ACS and any views expressed are those of the
author and not necessarily those of ACS.

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