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Keeps every conceivable golf statistic. Requires BASIC.
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Keeps every conceivable golf statistic. Requires BASIC.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLEAR.BAS 161 120 deflated
CLEARALL.BAT 30 30 stored
GOLFSTAT.BAS 27166 10561 deflated
NMES 5 5 stored
NUMRUNS 4 4 stored
NUMUSRS 4 4 stored
README.DOC 6208 2462 deflated
STATS.BAT 33 33 stored

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Contents of the README.DOC file


GOLFSTAT.ZIP contains the following programs:

(1) GOLFSTAT.BAS - The BASIC program.
(2) README.DOC - This text file.
(3) STATS.BAT - A batch program to run GOLF STATISTICS
without first entering BASIC.
(4) NUMUSRS - File which contains # of known users.
(5) NMES - File which contains the names of known
(6) NUMRUNS - File which contains the # of times the
program has been run.
(7) CLEARALL.BAT - A batch program to clear the above
three files, i.e. to start from
scratch. USE CAUTIOUSLY!!!
(8) CLEAR.BAS - BASIC program to implement the above


GOLF STATISTICS will keep track of nearly every conceivable
Here's what you need to know about every hole you play:

(1) Your score
(2) The number of putts you took
(3) Whether or not you hit the fairway with your drive
(4) Whether or not you were in a greenside bunker, and if so
(5) Whether or not you got up and down from the bunker.

Here's the way I keep track of it. When I've finished a hole,
I write the following on my scorecard:

(1) My score
(2) A "+" in the top right-hand corner if I took three putts,
or a "-" if I took one ("++" would be four putts,
accompanied by a few choice words). Nothing if I took 2
(3) A "F" in the upper left-hand corner if I hit the fairway.
Nothing if I missed it.
(4) A "S" in the bottom left-hand corner if I was in a
greenside bunker (not a fairway bunker). Nothing if I
(5) A "M" in the bottom right-hand corner if I made the sand-
save (i.e. got up and down from the bunker). Nothing if
I didn't.

This may seem like a great deal of work at the end of a hole,
but I assure you that it only takes an extra second or two, and the
insight you'll gain into your game will be well worth it. Also,
if you're like me, and can remember every stroke you took even
without a scorecard, you can just fill in all this info at the end
of the round. With this information in hand, you'll be well on
your way to golf addiction on your computer, as well as on your
favorite course.


To run GOLF STATISTICS simply type "STATS" from the directory
which contains all of the above files. Alternatively, you may go
into BASIC, and then load and run GOLFSTAT.BAS. The first few
times you run the program, you will see a registration screen
giving you information on how to become a registered user. After
this, the program is self-explanatory.


In order to keep track of the enormous number of stats, the
program will create two files for each user. These files are
called (User name) and (User name)+"2" (i.e. TIM and TIM2 for a
user named Tim). Please be sure that no other identically named
files are in the same directory as they would be overwritten.


It has been my experience that new users of this program may
require some practice before really getting the hang of it
(especially without a manual). As a result, they may create
several user files which contain more junk than useful statistics.
I have therefore included a batch program, CLEARALL.BAT, which
calls on a BASIC program, CLEAR.BAS, to rewrite several fundamental
files allowing the user to "start from scratch" as if he or she
just received the program for the first time.

CLEARALL.BAT does the following:

(1) Sets the number of known users to 0 by writing "0"
to the file NUMUSRS.
(2) Deletes all known user names by clearing the file
(3) Sets the number of program runs to 0 by writing "0"
to the file NUMRUNS (the registration screen will
therefore be back).

CLEARALL.BAT does NOT erase the actual user files containing
the statistics (i.e. TIM and TIM2). This is so that a user may
recover from an unintentional CLEARALL.BAT run (see below). The
next time the same user name is used, however, these files are
written over. Therefore, if you truly wish to start completely
from scratch, run CLEARALL.BAT, and then delete any user name
files. Incidentally, this is also the recommended procedure for
clearing files before giving this program to a friend (unless, God
forbid, you actually want him or her to SEE your stats). Of
course, be sure to make backup's before doing this.


To recover from an unintentional run of CLEARALL.BAT, simply
use the DOS line editor EDLIN to change the following:

(1) In the file NUMUSRS, put the number of users (i.e.
different user names). For instance,
(2) In the file NMES, put in the names of all the users.
These must be in quotes, all caps, and each on a
separate line. For instance,

If you follow these directions correctly, Tim and John should
be back in business.


Finally, while I have gone to great trouble to assure that
this program is bug-free, I cannot absolutely guarantee that some
unforeseen problem may arise, especially for a user unfamiliar with
the program. I will be happy to look into any such problems as I
find the time. Please mail problems, or any suggestions to:

Timothy D. Polk
6808 Harrowdale Rd., Apt. 201
Baltimore, MD 21209

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