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Hawaii's best golf courses for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited.
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Hawaii’s best golf courses for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited.
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Three resorts in Hawaii have been honored with the Gold Medal Award from Golf Magazine as ranking among the "12 best resorts in America". The golf courses at these three resorts have also finished in the top three positions of this survey of Hawaii's 45 best holes. The top 18 holes are featured in this fictional "Hawaii CC". As the courses are scattered among the several islands making up our Island State, the background is a composite - perhaps on the island of Maui or Molokai or even Lanai. The book Hawaii Guide to Golf is a worthwhile source for golfing in the 50th State published by Pacific Publishing. If I should get ambitious, perhaps another Country Club will be created for another 18 holes from the Paradise of the Pacific! Enjoy - and thanks Accolade and Jack Nicklaus for a great program.

- Tom Mui -
Honolulu, HawaiiCCCC
S (08/28/9008/28/90S

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