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Gambler's Mate - A program used to handicap horse races.
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Gambler’s Mate – A program used to handicap horse races.
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GAMBLER'S MATE: Thoroughbred Edition - DOSAGE MASTER v2
Copyright (c) 1991 by Mark E. Savey

Welcome to GAMBLER'S MATE: Thoroughbred Edition - DOSAGE MASTER v2
software package. You are about to experience the most powerful and
least expensive ($20) thoroughbred pedigree handicapper on the market.
Yes, a bold statement! The DOSAGE MASTER v2 uses the "dosage system".

Dosage is a system that attempts to predict the distance potential
of horses based on certain important sires in the first four generations
of their pedigrees. These important sires are called Chefs-De-Race,
which is french for "chiefs of the breed". These chefs are divided into
five aptitudinal categories: Brilliant, Intermediate, Classic, Solid and
Professional. The categories correspond to a range of distance potentials
from Brilliant (highest speed, lowest stamina and early maturation) to
Professional (lowest speed, highest stamina and late maturation). Classic
represents the "ideal" balance of speed, stamina and maturation. Many
chefs are assigned to two categories. They are assigned them because of
the success of their progenies in the specified categories. Their "POINTS"
are split evenly between those two categories.
I've found that my program, DOSAGE MASTER v2, even in its rawest
form, has had a distinct advantage in the three year old triple crown
races and its preps. If you've not heard, this method of handicapping
is undefeated since 1929 (YES!) in the Kentucky Derby. Horses with the
allowable range of acceptable numbers (Dosage Index of 4.00 or less and
Center of Distribution of 1.25 or less) that are calculated, have never
lost a derby since 1929! Quite an impressive streak, wouldn't you
say?! The system had Unbridled (1990 Kentucky Derby winner) who paid
$21.60 for a single $2 wager! In that same time, it has only lost 3
Belmonts (2 were on muddy tracks). Do you know of ANY OTHER system
that has NOT lost a Kentucky Derby AND has only 3 losses in the
Belmont, since 1929? Case closed!
The DOSAGE MASTER v2 features the ability to calculate, display and
print the dosage profile, dosage index and center of distribution for
you. By using the 2 year old Experimental Free Handicap (published
each February by the Jockey Club), you have a very powerful twosome.
If any thoroughbred qualifies under ALL the dosage rules and is within
ten pounds of the 2 year old champ, THAT horse needs to be looked at
very seriously in the classic 3 year old races and preps. You can
obtain the needed information and sire lines from sources like the
Blood-Horse Magazine or the Daily Racing Form. They routinely display
all the necessary info.
I have also added a facility that allows the adding of NEW Chef-de-
Race sires as they are added by the Bloodlines staff in the Daily
Racing Form. This allows YOU, the user, PERPETUAL use of DOSAGE MASTER
v2. One small fee and the power of the DOSAGE MASTER v2 is yours
Overall, I have done quite well with the Triple Crown races and
preps and SO CAN YOU! DO RIGHT by the Gambler's Code of Ethics!
Register your DOSAGE MASTER v2 AFTER winning your FIRST race. To
register, fill out and sign REGISTER.DOC then send your money order or
check for $20 to:

Mark E. Savey Contact me via Email at:
10178 Russwill Lane o CompuServe Id # 74716,1720 (preferred)
Union, KY 41091-9518 o Interlink's GAMBLING conference
USA o WPGS BBS (West Coast Support/Access site)
@ (619) 243-9422 -see MY conference (# 48)

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