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An 4 seat airplane for Flight Simulator 4.
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An 4 seat airplane for Flight Simulator 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FLIGHT.642 1153 429 deflated
GLASIV.SIM 363 285 deflated
GLASIV.TXT 780 485 deflated

Download File GLAS1V.ZIP Here

Contents of the GLASIV.TXT file

You should have two files. GLASIV.TXT, which is this document,
and GLASIV.SIM which is the aircraft. Place GLASIV.SIM in your
Flight Simulator 4 subdirectory.

The name of this airplaine you'll see on the FS4
aircraft menu is 'Glassair IV'.

Brief Performance of Glasair IV

This airplane was desing to be used in FS4 by

Born from the Kit Airplane name "Glasair III"
picture on Private Pilot Magazine--
July 90, page 47

Have a:
300 HP
with 140 to 155 Cruise Speed as Indicated
Approach Speed 85 to 90
Stall Clean 49
Stall Full 39
Seat 4
Gear Retractable

For obvious reason, Color and Wings are difference
and in a difference position of the one show on
the magazine...

Any Comment Call --AIM-- on Compuserve Gamers Forum..

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