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JANUARY 16, 1991




It was a grand sight to see. The brilliant sunrise was
coming up over Breidhifjordhur bay. It's crimson red glow
shining off the slick ships making up the amphibious task force
for operation NAUMACHY. Admiral Gary "Bandog" Levine's eyes
glowed along with the scene before him from the bridge of the
Iowa. The rising sun coated everything with a tint of red and
orange. He felt awed by the mix of the old battlewagon from
WWII with the modern Tico's filling the bay for a practice
invasion of Iceland.

Admiral Levine's trance was broken by the loud ringing alarm
sounding General Quarters declaring "this is not a drill," and
by the flurry of activity on the bridge. The OD LT. Tom
Konzical rushed over and handed him a dispatch. Levine grabbed
the paper from the shaking Lieutenants hand and saw fear in his
eyes. He understood why as he read the lines before him.
Defcon One was declared after the Warsaw Pact forces attacked
all along the front from the Med to Norway in a surprise attack.
The admiral gave the orders for the fleet to prepare to get
underway, and for all the ships Captains to report for a
situation meeting.

The room was noisy and crowded with all the ships captains
and their assistants trying to figure out what was happening;
when the "Bandog" entered the room it became eerily quiet.
"Gentleman" he announced, "We have received our orders from
NATO. It seems that the Russians have decided to make all of
Europe a Marxist state. To insure a breakout into the Atlantic
they have started to build their own airfield on a Norwegian
Island about 30 miles west of Tromos. They have landed a large
contingent of engineers to build around the clock.. A large
airfield that will handle any plane in their inventory. It
grows larger day by day.. and as it grows.. more planes are
landing. Our orders are to prevent the ruskies from breaking
out into the Atlantic by confronting any air power projected
from the new airfield; and sinking any naval units found in the
Norwegian Sea. Also the amphib task force will land at Tromso
and advance on the airfield and take it out!!!". "Now I will
hand you over to Commander Gary "Bucephalus" Miller who will
fill in the details."

Admiral Levine stepped down and rushed out leaving a vacuum
of silence and anticipation. The void was quickly filled by the
tall and smart looking commander Gary Miller. "Listen up gents
this is the order of our battle. Captain Mark "Roinous" Estes
you are to take your Roosevelt and go on station east of Jan
Mayen at 71 deg 5 min North/5 deg 8 min west. From here you
will provide air cover over the Norwegian Sea and take out
anything in the air and on the water that comes within your
range. The Mississippi - Leyte Gulf - Dale - Coontz are to
escort you and remain on station as support. Proceed at flank
speed. . . Captain Ira Gluck and his AOR Milwaukee is to follow
behind the Roosevelt and catch up with it; then remain on
station to supply the operations.. The Biddle - Wainwright -
Hyler are to escort the Milwaukee. Captain Gluck will be
traveling at slower speed than the Roosevelt so will meet it on
station. The Admiral's Iowa and the rest of the amphib fleet
with it's escorts are to proceed to Vagar and remain there for
12 hours to pick up additional troops and munitions for the
landing at Tromso. After gearing up at Vagar they will go to
Tromso and land all ground forces and provide support for the
taking of the airfield.... Last but not least the LA sub Croton
will proceed directly towards Tromso and take out any naval
units protecting the approach to the airfield."

Well Harpooner's now you have your orders. If you follow
them to the letter and destroy everything that gets in your way.
You will achieve Total Victory conditions. This scenario is
made to be played from the NATO side only. It is a large
scenario and will most likely run a little slow when you have
many aircraft up in the air. It is large enough that it will
take an extra 90 seconds or so to warm up, and get going after
the Groups have shown up on the maps at the beginning. Also set
your options to avoid the ships running aground at the beginning
to accommodate the fleet in the bay until you have split them
into the appropriate groups as per orders.

This scenario was made for the six month anniversary of the
Scenario Warehouse BBS and is a production of the BBS. It is
dedicated to all those whom have helped the BBS during the last
six months with a special dedication to Gary Miller and Gary Levine
who has staunchly defended the Scenario Warehouse against incoming
missiles. Well Gary it is time to show us your stuff. Can you
gain total victory conditions?


This user edited scenario originated from the
Scenario Warehouse BBS; operating it's terminal
at 718-746-7466 in ANSI emulation (2400/1200/300 N-8-1)
using A WWIV TERMINAL VERSION 4.12 Sometimes you may find
Procomm Plus terminal up when sysop is conducting other
business. However this terminal also accesses the
directory with the HARPOON SCENARIO WAREHOUSE files.

On July 16, 1990 the Harpoon Scenario Editor BBS
Warehouse started where a central point could be
maintained for the uploading and downloading of the
Harpoon Game edited scenarios. As interest and usage of
the BBS grew. The BBS improved it's service and
terminal to a full fledge BBS on October 2, 1990. The
BBS will continue to work on improving the terminal and
services as long as interest continues for Harpoon
scenarios. The true test of success will be the users
and plenty of uploads of scenarios made by members with
the Scenario Editor.

The Scenario Warehouse is connected to the WWIV Network
which allows it's members to send E-mail to each other via a
local WWIV BBS in the Network; our node number is @7851. We
also host the "HARPOONER'S SCENARIO WHAREHOUSE" Bulletin Board sub.
This is the place where all Harpooner's can exchange ideas and tactics. Ask your local WWIV BBS which is in the Network to subscribe to it.
Tell the SYSOP to contact JIVA at 1@7851 on the Net. This way you
will be able to post messages and read up on whats happening just by a local call. For more info contact JIVA the SYSOP at the Warehouse.

Feel free to call at anytime to share ideas and find
information to help you in playing a better game. Upload any
scenario you wish to share and download some more for
your pleasure. You don't need to upload a scenario to call.
Feel free to share this scenario with others or upload to another BBS.

The Scenario Warehouse urges you to give feedback to the
author of any scenario you play; whether it is positive or
negative, by using the BBS E-Mail. This will help the person to
improve his/her scenario creation and to make any changes
which need to be made.

When you connect to the BBS and you are a first time
user type in "NEW" and follow the prompts for
initialization as a member. Veterans of the original
Pro-Comm Plus terminal also will have to initialize onto
the new WWIV terminal.

Correspondence can be mailed to 19-21 Clintonville
ST., Whitestone, New York 11357

To save callers time on line; the following files
have been made:

GIUKTEXT.ZIP/ARC - File containing all text files
for scenarios to be played under the GIUK battleset.

NACVTEXT.ZIP/ARC - File containing all text files
for scenarios to be played under the NACV battleset.

HARPBB.TXT - File containing information regarding
the Harpoon Edited Scenario BBS.

BBGUIDE.ZIP/ARC - file containing the WWIV terminal
manual explaining the commands and menus used.

To insure ease of use by the Harpoon Warriors certain

guide lines have been developing by the users. The guide
lines so far, which have been developed are as follows:

1. There should be an ASCII text file associated with
the scenario. This text file should have the victory
conditions and some background information and anything
else you wish to add.

2. The text file should have the same file name as
the scenario file and file extension of .TXT. Include
your name and BBS# so feedback can be mailed to you via
E-Mail on the BBS.

3. The scenario file name should take up the whole
eight character field with the first four letters
identifying the associated battleset (i.e.; GIUK
NACV MEDC), and the appropiate file extension corresponding
to the battleset.

4. When possible leave an E-mail message on the BBS;
giving some feed back on how the scenario played. This
will enable the author to improve their future scenarios or
correct any deficiencies in existing ones. Address the
messages to the author.

The files on the BB right now are in a compressed format
to save on-line time and cost to callers. The compression
utilities used are the ZIP and ARC. To upload you needn't
do it in the compressed format. We will do it here if you
have no compression facilities. You may also download the zip
compression utility from the BBS.. filename - PKZ110.exe.

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