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Ghost busters adventre game.
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Ghost busters adventre game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADVENTUR.EXE 56192 29646 deflated
ARC.EXE 32429 16556 deflated
AUTOEXEC.BAK 3 3 stored
AUTOEXEC.BAT 18 18 stored
COMMAND.COM 17664 11531 deflated
GBUSTERS.DOC 1224 641 deflated
GRAP1.BAS 6400 486 deflated
GRAP10.BAS 6400 471 deflated
GRAP2.BAS 6400 549 deflated
GRAP3.BAS 6400 724 deflated
GRAP4.BAS 6400 318 deflated
GRAP5.BAS 6400 306 deflated
GRAP6.BAS 6400 563 deflated
GRAP7.BAS 6400 483 deflated
INTR 768 228 deflated
OBJE 256 109 deflated
PASS 128 22 deflated
ROOM1 768 325 deflated
ROOM10 640 231 deflated
ROOM12 512 186 deflated
ROOM13 640 257 deflated
ROOM14 256 86 deflated
ROOM15 512 193 deflated
ROOM16 512 195 deflated
ROOM17 640 202 deflated
ROOM2 768 326 deflated
ROOM3 1024 399 deflated
ROOM4 768 313 deflated
ROOM5 512 226 deflated
ROOM6 768 336 deflated
ROOM7 512 227 deflated
ROOM8 640 246 deflated
ROOM9 640 249 deflated
SCOR 256 26 deflated
YAST 6784 1988 deflated

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Contents of the GBUSTERS.DOC file



GH0STBUSTERS is a simple graphic/text adventure written
with Adventure Master, Adventure compiler. In the game you
will be required to spend the night in a haunted house and
bust the ghosts inside.

Recognized Commands:

To play GH0STBUSTERS your keyboard must be in caps.
GH0STBUSTERS understands commands which began with the
following words:


Other special one word commands consist of LOOK, SAVE,
RESTORE and SCORE. Most commands consist of two words, ie
READ BOOK, while others require more, ie READ ABOUT GHOSTS.
Due to the simpleness of the adventure it is wise to write
down these verbs because there are very few synonyms in the

Well that's about it the game is run through the
autoexec files and any comments or questions send to:

David Zeiss
109 Hillside Ave.
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

I also have detailed game maps available for a one
dollar donation.

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