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Fight a war with the computer or another player.
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Fight a war with the computer or another player.
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**** Message to all users *****

You will either LOVE this game, ot think it is STUPID. It all depends
on your first impression... Here is how to get a good first impression:

Since this is a multi-player game, you MUST give it a good try with AT
LEAST three people!

I plan to be constantly upgrading this game as I get suggestions,
So if you want an update sent to you, send me your name, and address,
and 10-15 dollars as a registration fee, and I will send you a new version.

Plans for a new version including (but not nearly limited to) are

Three editions: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Novice: The game you are now playing


Novice game PLUS:

Space ports : Neutral docking rights, with re-fueling
But watch out for fights breaking out in the bar!

Travel Speeds: Send ships at different speeds, but longer
or faster flights will drain your fuel cells!

Alliances : Join up with an alli (Only if the computer OK's
such a match up


Intermediate game PLUS:

More Strategy: All events such as revolts, increased/decreased
production etc. are a direct result of how YOU
play the game!

More Action : Squads which have crossing pathes could actually
meet in space.

More Action : Each player can send out 3 radar ships during the
game warning of any ENEMY squads within a .5 light

More Options : You will be able to control most characteristics
of the game! Right now I have set all the
defaults the way I think is best, but you will
be able to adapt the game to your tastes

More Planets : Imagine an 80 planet game!

More distance: Imagine a full screen galaxy? (CGA only)

MORE distance: Imagine playing over the modem (7 people total CGA)
(or 16 people monochrome)

SO, If you are at all interested in getting these updates, send your money,
(I'm asking $10-15 dollars) and your name + address, and I will put your name
on the list for updates when they come out.

the people who register!

Thank-you, and I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I have had
writing it.

Rick Raddatz,
12065 N. Lakeshore Dr.
Mequon, WI 53092

Cloud-9 BBS 414-243-5771 until 9/1/87

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