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Galactix 1.4a, a game similar to Space Invaders in the way a 386 is similar to a TRS-80; for VGA, now with stereo SoundBlaster Pro support.

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Galactix v1.4 =============================
The newest version of an excellent shareware
game! The Xidus fleets are invading, and you
are the last ship left to save Earth!
286+ VGA/MCGA 3 meg HD Space Required
SoundBlaster/Adlib support!
Released Jan 24, 1993 by CYGNUS Software

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Galactix 1.4a, a game similar to Space Invaders in the way a 386 is similar to a TRS-80; for VGA, now with stereo SoundBlaster Pro support.
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FILE0001.LZH 352366 351955 deflated
FILE0002.LZH 181439 181245 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 290 215 deflated
GX1.EXE 43019 41700 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 27483 26717 deflated
INSTALL.WRF 7250 2070 deflated
LHA.DOC 29655 9825 deflated
LHA.EXE 34283 24133 deflated
ORDRFORM.EXE 12644 12265 deflated
README.EXE 17364 16944 deflated
START.BAT 903 252 deflated

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Contents of the LHA.DOC file

Manual for LHA Version 2.13

Ver 2.13 July 20, 1991
ASCII-pcs pcs02846 Yoshi

This is a manual for the public release of LHA.EXE.v 2.13. LHA
is an upward compatible and improved version of LH Ver 1.13C.
Since Microsoft's DOS 5.0 now has an interior command LH (for
Load High), the name has been changed from LH.EXE to LHA.EXE.

0. To begin with

This is a revised version of LH113c.EXE, an archiver which was
rather slow in execution but tight in compression rate. I am
grateful for the support of LH113c's users both in Japan where
the .LZH file is a standard archived file name and in other
countries where .LZH has become well-known and used often. I
have been working on this new version for two years since the
last release of LH113c.EXE. I am now glad to announce the re-
lease of LHA. I am constantly upgrading upon user's report on
bugs and on new requests.

LHA differs from LH113c:

LHA is better than LH Ver 1.13 in compression rate, especially
with large files. There are a few exceptions if using rather
small files. (Under 1 Kb.) LHA is faster than LH113c in de-
compressing, with new static Huffman coding, compared with the
older dynamic Huffman. The speed of compression is not as fast
as I was expecting.

LHA needs more memory than LH113c did. If there is not enough
for LHA to work, it may have looser compression rate, although
it tries to continue execution. LHA is upward compatible with
LH113c. But LH113c is not completely compatible with the LHA
format. Please switch from LH113c to LHA as soon as you can.
With the "/o" option, you can make archives dearchivable by
LHarc Ver 1.xx - otherwise LHarc will complain for "unknown

LHA is distributed as a free program with copyright reserved.
There is no restriction for the use within private corporations
or the use for governmental agencies. Users must be respon-
sible for the use of facilities of the software, especially of
the auto ! batch file (Often called a "Telop file). The soft-
ware is distributed as is. I am not liable for any damage
caused by the use of this software. For commercial use, please
refer to our distribution policy.

You can now proceed to read the complete description of com-
mands and options. However, if you are not familiar with what
an archiver is, please refer to the introductory note LHA.HLP
written especially for LHA.EXE by late Irvin Hoff.

1. Usage

A. General Format:

LHA [/

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