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Adventure generator, really quite good.
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Adventure generator, really quite good.
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CONFIG.SYS 22 22 stored
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GAGSINST.DOC 1614 661 deflated
GAGSINST.DTA 3725 814 deflated
GAGSINST.MSG 514 254 deflated
PART1.DOC 28871 9090 deflated
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PART3.DOC 22181 7846 deflated
READ.ME 1925 909 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

| |
| The Generic Adventure Game System (GAGS), including all |
| source code, object code, and manuals on paper or on disk, |
| are copyright 1985 by Mark J. Welch. "Generic Adventure |
| Game System" and "GAGS" are trademarks of Mark J. Welch. |
| GAGS is distributed as Shareware: if you like the |
| program, please become a registered used by sending $15 |
| to the author. Any commercial use without prior written |
| permission is prohibited. See Appendix C for details. |

1) Please print out and read the manual (The files PART1.DOC,
PART2.DOC, PART3.DOC and APPENDIX.DOC on the disk). The easiest
way to do so is to simply type "COPY *.DOC PRN" at the DOS prompt.

2) To play the sample adventure game, you must have booted DOS with a
disk with a CONFIG.SYS file which re-defines the number of files
and buffers (it should contain the lines "FILES=16" and "BUFFERS=32").
If you have done this, just type "ADVENT UNDERGND" to play the
sample adventure. The Generic Adventure Game System requires a
computer with at least 256K of memory, MS-DOS 2.1, and at least one
disk drive.


About the author:
Mark J. Welch is an editor for a leading computer magazine.
He is a 1983 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at
Amherst. In addition to journalism and computers, he enjoys:
games of all types; science fiction; darts; the City of San
Francisco; politics; and Dr. Who.


Mark J. Welch Voice: 415-982-4591
P.O. Box 2409, Modem: 415-391-9148
San Francisco, CA 94126

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