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Stunts for Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator.
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Stunts for Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Simulator.
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Contents of the AFSSTUNT.DOC file

Stunts for Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator

Flown by Rus Phillips on August 25, 1987

(C) Rus Phillips 1987


AFSSTUNT1.ARC is an archive file. The files in the
archive should include:

AFSSTUNT.DOC - This file

AVALANCE.ST1 - Avalanche

HOROLOOP.ST1 - Horozontal Loop

LOMCEVAK.ST1 - Lomcevak

OUTLOOP.ST1 - Outside Loop

SNAPROLL.ST1 - Snap Roll

Once you have extracted all of the files, put them on the same
directory or disk as Advanced Flight Simulator. To fly the stunts, run
AFS and select the "formation flying" option. The filename of the stunts
will appear on the "maneuver" menu.

All of these stunts were flown with a P-51 Mustang, starting
at 10,000 feet above the main airport. They are all "hot dog" maneuvers.
One came from the July 1987 issue of Remote Control Modeler magazine. An
article called "Hot Dogging Again - or, how People do Lomcevaks and Other
Neat Maneuvers" by Ed Moorman. The stunt was intendted for radio control
model planes, but it works just fine for AFS! So, jump in the cockpit and
follow me!

Most everybody can do a loop, they are a fairly simple
maneuver. But how about turning a loop inside out and upside down?
Sound fun? Let's go! This is one of the easier maneuvers in AFSSTUNT,
so try it first. We start out in level flight. Now, hit full throtlle,
and watch me closely. When you see me dive, hold the elevator all the
way down and keep it there. Keep holding the elevator down until we
go all the way around and go back to an upright posistion. Then,
throttle down to 75% and level out. Now that wasn't so bad, now was

I don't remember the exact name for this maneuver, so I'll
just call it a horozontal loop, because that's what it is. We've
already done an outside loop, so let's try a sideways one. Select
the "horoloop" meneuver. When we start, I'm going to give it full
throttle and go into a dive aiming for where the two runways cross.
Do the same and keep up. Now, when we hit about 400 MPH, level out
and then roll right until the plane is sideways. See that pyramid
in front of us? Remember it. After turning sideways, give full up
elevator. Keep holding it until we go all the way around to that
pyramid again. Then level it out.

There's not much to this maneuver. We are going to
do a left snap roll. Select the "snaproll" maneuver. Once again,
give it full throttle and go into a dive to pick up speed. When we
hit full throttle, pull up and center your HUD on that star above the
airport. Then, apply full left rudder, full left aileron, and full up
elevator. The plane will stall at a high spped and do a sort of
horozontal spin. Then, precisley after one turn, stop the snap and
return to level flight.

This is a standard loop with a snap roll at the top.
Select the "avalance" maneuver from the menu. When
we start, give it full throttle, and pull into a dive when I do.
As we hit 400 MPH, pull up into a regular loop. As the plane
approaches the top of the loop, do a left snap roll. When the snap is
completed, release rudder and aileron, and complete the loop. When
the loop is completed, throttle down and return to level flight.

This is the ultimate "hot dog" maneuver. I got it from
Remote Control Modeler magazine. It is an end-over-end tumble,
the Lomcevak, which means "headache" in czech. Select the "lomcevak"
maneuver. You might want to stay back and watch me the first time.
We will start this from a climbing left snap roll like we
did before. Give full throttle and dive until you hit 400 MPH. Pull
up and start a left snap roll. After about a snap and a quarter,
hold the rudder and aileron, but pop in full down elevator. It takes
practice to do it right, but the plane should tumble nose-over-tail
a couple of times. Once you have tumbled over twice, return to level

Well, that does it for the stunts. If you have any comments, leave
me a message via GEnie mail. My user name is CPHILLIPS. Or, if you like,
leave me a message in Category 7, Topic 23 of the IBM roundtable BBS.
I can also be reached at the following bulletin boards:

Chesapeake BBS, Annapolis, Maryland
Sysop - Vince Castelli
(301) 267-4930 300,1200,2400 N,8,1

The Eagle's Aiere, Gathersburg, Maryland
Sysops - Budd Garrison and Thom Carlin
(301) 652-6832 300,1200,2400, N,8,1

If you'd like to see more stunts in the future, please leave me a
note. This file is public domain and you may distribute it in any way that
you wish, as many times as you please. I only ask that if you decide to
modify any of the stunts, delete this document. This program may not be sold.

Until next time.. This is Rus, saying "It's been funky........."

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