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FS-PRO is a series of modules (programs) that allow you to use Flight Simulator III as an educational tool and still have all of the fun with PC-Flying.
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FS-PRO is a series of modules (programs) that allow you to use Flight Simulator III as an educational tool and still have all of the fun with PC-Flying.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


LINX BBS (713) 440-7364

September, 1989


The latest Registered version of FS-PRO consists of 5 disks
and a MODE modifyer module. Plus, they are silent and contain
more unique features. (See ORDERING COMMERCIAL VERSION below.)

for the paltry sum of $2.00, you can register for our
LINX BBS special, super private FLY conference and download the
latest registered versions for FREE ...Forever! These are silent and
have many more features. They are not the commercial version of FS-PRO
but they come to within 90% of being commercial. So, the small
registration fee is cheap. But, for $5.00 per disk, you can order the
current commercial version of FS-PRO complete with GRAPHICS and MOUSE

Thanks to some super nice people, FS-PRO has become much
easier to use and for the first time interacts directly with
Microsoft's Flight Simulator 3.0 files.

We appreciate all of the user "input" and we have tried to
incorporate as many of your ideas into the series as we had
the time and ability to complete. Still, other ideas are

REMEMBER: Complete registration is still ONLY $2.00.

We have over 466 registered users and we would like to add
YOUR name to our membership roster (made up mostly of middle
aged guys like me and a few welcome women). Our NEWSLETTER,
that you will receive, costs us that much to mail. Plus, you
get a VOICE support number and can download every single
REGISTERED update absolutely FREE for as long as you want.
And, no NOISE! Besides, if you are a "real" FS "nut" (again,
like me), you will enjoy the private FLY message base where
you can "finger-jaw" with others who share your enthusiasm.

Now, that's "CheapWare" to-the-max...


I know it's a "pain"...but, would like to recommend that you
treat this version as a NEW installation. In other words,
just delete all of your old FS-PRO files and DIRECTORIES and
install as NEW. Mainly, because the .ADV files are NOT
downward compatible. Everything else is, however.

We are now providing a NEW (and improved) AIRPORT data base
with about 1200 valid entries. Art Zorka (user from GA) is
working on entering every single airport (on every scenery
disk) into this data base. It will be available on LINX in
the FLY conference. (Check DATE for Art's current file in
FLY conference directory #9 if you are a registered member.)


The DOCS have changed to reflect new features. Please scan
them for updates to the series.


We have provided a "patch" from the FS-PRO (Adventure Menu)
to automatically "load" your selected ADVENTURE and bring up
Flight Simulator.

When you select an ADVENTURE or MODE from the MAIN MENU, you
can then read about the ADVENTURE and select FLY to go "fly" it.
When you exit Flight Simulator, we will return you to FS-PRO to
select another ADVENTURE.


Your ADVENTURES couldn't be easier to create. Just FLY your
plane and save the MODE. Select it with FS-PRO and all you
have to do is type your COMMENTS. All ENVIRONS data is read
directly from the .MOD file.

It's probably a good idea to enter the SCENERY DISK
information before you save the ADVENTURE for later use. Use
the Edit command and PgDn to the scenery disk field. Enter,
save (YES for overwrite) and it's "a done deal."


Be sure to enter your name in SETUP. We have personalized
many menus and prompts.


Lots of folks have asked us to start a CONTEST. Well,
the time is nigh...

I have a selfish reason for wanting a contest. Here it is...
The more ModPaks that can be created with "real good"
ADVENTURES, the more popular FS-PRO will become and then I
can buy me a new dishwasher and my bride a new computer on
the $2.00 bills that "trickle" in.

Now that we can create ADVENTURES...

"in a snap"...

I forsee many new goodies for us to fly.

Here are a few tips for creating a "good" ModPak file. The
little name "ModPak" refers to a group of FS-PRO files that
make up a single ADVENTURE scenerio.

1. Fly the ADVENTURE and be sure to set up
all NAVAIDS (radios) to the proper operating
frequencies. Be sure to set all ENVIRONS just
as you want the MODE to load and begin operating.
If you want ATIS to come on, then press the "C"
key and when it starts to scroll, press "1" and
CREATE a new MODE. Then it will appear at load
up. SAVE it.

2. Now, load up FS-PRO and select the MODE "tag"
function from the Main Menu (#2). Locate the .MOD
file and select it. We will load the ENVIRONS data
that you saved and you are ready to leave your
COMMENTS about the ADVENTURE. That's ALL you have to
do. Then, when you look at your personal ADVENTURE
library, the .ADV file will be present and from then
on you may select the ADVENTURE, read about it, and
then FLY it from the same FS-PRO menu.
Therefore, we CREATE new ADVENTURES by reading the
data out of your .MOD file (which you saved after
you flew it and SAVED the MODE)... and, from your
verbose description or COMMENTS.

3. Unless my ADVENTURE is just a "touch & go" type
of MODE, I like to "file" a flight plan to the
nearest (interesting) airport following the
initial ADVENTURE setting.

Therefore, a complete ModPak consists of files with

.ADV file with the ENVIRONS data
.DAT file with your COMMENTS
.FPN file with a flight plan
.MOD file for Flight Simulator

There is ONE (set) for each ADVENTURE that you create. So,
if you archive a compressed file with 4 individual ADVENTURES
in it, there will be 4 each of ...

(4) .MOD Microsoft Flight Simulator "MODE" files
(4) .ADV FS-PRO "mode" files
(4) .DAT FS-PRO description files
(4) .FPN FS-PRO flight plans

in the archive. Or, 16 files total. As you will discover, these
are very small files and, unless you have huge clusters, they
take up very little room. Hundreds of adventures can be
stored in a single ModPak archive.

The best way to "judge" a good ModPak is to ask yourself if
you would want someone sending you the ADVENTURES. If you have
to set up all of the radio frequencies, windows, views and
weather, then forget it! The ADVENTURE ModPak is worthless.
You may as well start from "scratch." And, if there is no
description of the flight then, why bother?

I have NOT provided all of the previous ADVENTURES with this
series. I only provide a few. As a matter of fact, I just
did a MASS delete of old MODE files (.MOD) using the FS-PRO
UTILITIES module and started from scratch. I had 100's of
useless MOD files taking up room. FS-PRO lets me be very
selective and I only save the BEST of the ModPak adventures.


I am now conforming to the following naming convention for
ModPak DOS files. It's easy to forget the DOS name selection
#2 when saving MODES using FS III. However, the default names
can sure get to be jibberish if you simply let the name be
created from the first 8 characters of your DESCRIPTION.

For MAIN SCENERY disk airports, I use...


The M stands for ModPak and lets me know that I have a full
description of the ADVENTURE and hopefully a FLIGHT PLAN.
It is, none other, than a genuine ModPak file! A real
"thing-a-ma-jig" for our FS-PRO doo-dads.

The CMI stands for Meigs Field and is the 3-character
identifier of the nearest airport.

The 1 stands for the first in a series of Meigs ADVENTURES.
Other Meigs scenerios would progress to 2, 3 and so on.

For SUBLOGIC scenery disks, I use...


I added the 1 following the M to identify scenery disk #1
for David Wayne Hooks airport and the 3 to identify the
particular ADVENTURE scenerio. I must have a 1 and a 2 in
the series unless I erased them.

ME-LON-2.MOD = Europen Scenery Disk
MJ-OSK-1.MOD = Japan Scenery Disk
MS-SAU-1.MOD = San Francisco Star
M11PCX-2.MOD = Scenery Disk #11

I'm as poor as a church mouse and can hardly PAY attention.
But, I sure would like to donate a prize to the cause if a
MODPAK contest can be started. And, I'll be eternally
grateful to those who participate.

Maybe we can prevail on Jeff Bingham (Computer Pilots
Association of America) to judge the MODPAKS submitted. Or,
maybe I can set up a DOOR on LINX where all of us can VOTE
on the best ModPaks submitted.


I would like to thank Steve Wilke and his partners in
Norman, Oklahoma for sending me a FREE sample of their
$49.95 RuDDer Pedals. It has opened up a whole new flying
experience for me. I had always been driving in AUTOCORD
mode with nary a second joystick to my name. The other
special doo-dads like MAXYOKE, or whatever, were out of my
price range.

Well...I'm telling you...these guys have my admiration and
respect for producing a quality product (that works exactly
as described) and I am having a ball getting used to "real"
flying again. For the price, their gadget is GREAT! Ah! The
thrill of real SLIPS for the price of a good joystick.

If you would like information about Steve's doo-dad you can
S.W. Enterprises
P.O. Box 5432
Norman, Ok 73070
(405) 527-7368

Tell Steve that this "old man" sent you and maybe he will
pay me a commission (hint). My dishwasher awaits...

There is a file (with a GIF picture) of the RuDDer Pedals
that you can download from LINX. It's named PEDALS.ARC. Full
text description and ordering information is included with
the picture. They have a limited supply.

Until next time...
Hope you enjoy the new stuff...

We try...


Joe Lincoln
(713) 440-7364

"Flight Simulator" is a trademark of SubLogic Corporation used
under license by Microsoft Corporation"

PS. "Thanks HG, AZ, JM, DV and JB."

ORDER COMMERCIAL VERSION: (Please read much more about this version
in the complete documentation.)

Enclosed is [ ] Cash [ ] Check [ ] MO for $28.00 for the
"commercial" version of FS-PRO. (Shipping included)
Texas residents please add 7% state sales tax

Please RUSH [ ] - Same day shipping.







Mail to: TekMate - 15307 Parkville - Houston, Texas - 77068

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