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*** FRAZZLE! (v3.10) ***
A Game of Dice Strategy


FRAZZLE! is a dice strategy game where the object is to be the first
player to reach 10,000 points. It may be played by any mix of up to
four human and/or computer opponents.

Players alternate turns rolling the dice and saving scoring
combinations. Dice that are saved on one roll may not be used again on
the next roll. If all six dice score points, they may all be used
again for the next roll and the turn score accumulates. A player may
continue to roll as long as he wishes to, or, until he fails to roll at
least one scoring die (called a "zonk"). If a player is zonked, he
forfeits his turn and loses his score for that turn.

Alternatively, you may choose to play a 30-turn solitaire game and see
how high you can score. The solitaire rules are the same as for the
regular game, including special 500+ point first-turn rule, except the
game does not end at 10,000 points, but continues on for 30 turns with
the object being to achieve as high a final score as possible.

FRAZZLE! is Microsoft Mouse and DESQview compatible and makes use of
monochrome, CGA, EGA, and VGA monitors. You may choose from up to five
different game strategies for the computer player. There's also a Hall
of Fame to record your highest scores and a new configuration option to
let you set the game's colors just the way you like them.


ADDRESS ___________________________ REGISTRATION FEE: $7.00

___________________________ Please send check or money order.
Sorry, I don't have the ability
CITY ______________________________ to accept or process credit card
or C.O.D. orders.
STATE _____________ ZIP __________
Send registration to:
3.5" (720K) ___ 5.25" (360K) ___ 14309 Fairview Lane
Dale City, VA 22193
80286/386 ___ 8088/86 ___ (703)680-2628

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Archive   : FRAZZLE.ZIP
Filename : FRAZZLE.AD

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