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Front Page Sports Football Editor. Now you can edit player stats and names.
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Front Page Sports Football Editor. Now you can edit player stats and names.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

' Front Page Sports: Football Player / League Editor
' Version 2.0 - By Shaun Sullivan - 01/02/93

FPSF is a great game! However for me there was 1 thing missing: the ability to
modify player names and attributes. This program will allow you to edit any
player attribute, as well as team information (I know you can change the team
stuff from within the game but I quickly realized that this feature should be
added to the editor to expidite the creation of a custom league). That is new
feature number 1. New feature number 2 is better! You now have the ability
to edit a player's potential ratings as well as their actual ratings. This was
something I considered before but I was too lazy to put it in. But tonight I
was inspired and I added these new features. I hope this program will be as
useful to you as it is to me. Using the program is extremely easy. The
interface is intuitive and windows-like (NO it's not a Windows program!). I
just wanted it to be as easy to use as possible. If you have any comments or
if you find a BUG Please call me. This was going to be the version you got if
you sent in the hefty $5 registration fee but I guess that'll be version 3.
Any Ideas ? I'm thinking about putting together a program that makes use
of all the little utilities that I have written to get around flaws in the game.
ie. Being able to change the league type to career, and a utility that will
allow one to copy plays between teams (I still don't understand why you HAVE to
make your plays in exhibtion mode if you want to copy them around!) Anyway I
have written a few of these things and If they would be useful to you give
me a ring. Any Ideas for this little project are welcome.

** Please register this program if you find it useful! I would at least
like to recoup all the money I've spent just trying to distribute this thing
via LD phone uploads etc.. Enough whining Shaun..

To register this program send $5 to:

- Shaun Sullivan
272 Alexandra Rd Unit #5
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

PH: 803-849-8962

Have fun !!

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