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This program makes running a football pool both easy and fun for a beginner or expert on football.
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This program makes running a football pool both easy and fun for a beginner or expert on football.
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Contents of the FOOTBALL.DOC file

-*- Menu Driven Program

-*- 60 Person Pool

-*- Check Off Sheet

-*- 18 Week Team Schedule Set-up/Print

-*- Status Sheet

-*- Picks Sheet

-*- Two Part Pick Sheet

-*- Multiple Print Option

Football PASS was written to work on a color terminal.

Many THANKS ! - - to Bob Ainsbury "TECHNO JOCK" for his toolkit. It
helped me add so many great new features with less code ! Hope you enjoy
my 3nd version of FOOTBALL PASS.

- - General Information - -

This program makes running a football pool both easy and fun for a
beginner or expert on football. You'll first want to set up both the team
schedule and people who will be taking part in the FUN. Print off the 16
week schedule, I would suggest making copies to form a package to hand out
to each person. Each week the circle or "X" the team they want
to win. The left side is their's and right side is handed in with their
name on it. Notice at the right hand side of each team name is a LETTER.
This letter is what you use to code in their picks for the week. A word of
advice, wait until you have most of the picks before entering a week's
picks. Any picks not entered from F2, will have to be entered in by using
F3 -for Updates/Corrections function.

Once all the picks have been entered into the system, try using the
"F4" function. This prints a list of everyone in the pool and their
choices for the week on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I found this great
for the person who wants to know on Sunday, how they're doing against
everyone else.

After the MONDAY Night game is the time to use "F5". Enter the
team codes that won on this screen. For games that end in a TIE - use a
lower case "t" . After you press enter, the system will then print out a
standings sheet to your printer. Again you can make copies of this and
pass them out to the folks.

Try out "F6" - it's used if you need additional Picks or Status
Sheets, up to 99 can be printed. I also added a feature here that will
print a CHECK-OFF List. It's for you to keep track of what picks have come
in for the week.

This program was developed to run a football pool for fun and is in no
way promoting gambling. It's based on WINS, LOSES, or TIES only! This is a
shareware program, so make copies of BOTH of THE FILES and pass them on to
a friend. PLEASE consider sending $ 20.00, if you find this program
useful. It helps cover my time in writing the program. If you have any
questions, please feel free to call or write.

Thank U !

Dave Enright
472 Eastbrooke Lane
Rochester,New York 14618
(716) 442-9267

Here are the the Letters that represent a team :

A = Atla. G = Dall. M = LRaid S = N.Y.G Y = SDie.

B = Buff. H = Detr. N = LRam. T = NEng. Z = Phnix

C = Cinn. I = GrnB. O = Miami U = Phil. a = T.Bay

D = Clev. J = Hous. P = Minn. V = Pitt. b = Wash.

E = Chic. K = Indi. Q = NOrl. W = Seat.

F = Denv. L = KanC. R = N.Y.J X = SFran

NOTE : the small letters for Tampa Bay and Washington.

- - - MAIN MENU - - -
| Football PASS |
| Main Menu |
| F1 Set up a SEASON. |
| F2 Enter a Week of Picks |
| F3 Update/Correct a Person's Picks |
| F4 Print the Picks Sheet. |
| F5 Enter the WINNING Teams. |
| F6 Print Other (Checklist,ETC.) |
| F7 Exit the Program |

This is to explain the Selection Menu Options :

F1 - SET up a SEASON - This will take you to another SUB-MENU. TO can
set up your people in the pool and set the 16 week team schedule for
the Season.

F2 - Enter a Week of Picks - This is the option you use each week to
enter each person's picks for the week. Just type in the LETTER that
relates to that team. After you have entered all 14 picks, just hit
enter and the next person's name is displayed. If by chance you don't
have a persons picks, when their name is displayed, just hit enter.
You can only go thru the names once, using F2 so wait til you have
most of the picks for that week.

F3 - Update/Correct a Person's Picks - is used to enter the people that
you didn't have when you did the "F2" option. Enter the person's
number and hit enter. You are now at the screen to type in their
picks. You can also select a person's number if you have to make
corrections. Type their number, hit enter and the name & picks will
be displayed. You then re-type in the correct picks.

F4 - Print the Picks Sheet - This will give you a printed list of
everyone's picks.

F5 - Enter the WINNING Teams - Use this when all 14 teams have played
for the week. The screen will ask you for the 14 LETTERS that WON or
enter a "t" for TIES. Input this INFO and hit enter. A list of the
Standings will be printed out for the week(WINS/LOSES) and for the
season to-date.

F6 - Print Other (Checklist,ETC.) - By choosing this, you can print up
to 99 additional PICKS or STANDINGS sheets. I have also added a Check
List Sheet for keeping track of handed in picks.

F7 - Exit the program.

- - SUB-Menu - -

| |
| Set Up the League |
| Sub-Menu |
| F1 - To Enter Names for the Season. |
| F2 - Correct or Change a Name. |
| F3 - Enter the weeks Team Schedule. |
| F4 - Print the weeks Team Schedule. |
| F5 - Exit. |

F1 - To Enter Names for the Season - This screen will allow you to put
in a MAX of 60 names for your pool. Just type in the names and hit
enter. Keep doing this til all the names are in,then press ESC to
exit out. If any names are misspelled, use "F2" to make corrections or
if one person wants in and another wants out.

After you leave this screen, you will have to use a word processor to
add any additional names to the END of the file named : "picks.txt".

F2 - Correct or Change a Name - With this function you can correct any
mistake made with "F1".

F3 - Enter the weeks Team Schedule - With this screen, you'll need the
FULL(all teams) 18 week schedule. This will take some time to do,
but believe me, it beats doing by hand.

1.) Put in the week number (i.e. 01,09 or 16) and press enter.

2.) Now you can use the "F1" key or Mouse Left Button for the rest.
a.) "F1" KEY - press F1 and the list of teams will be displayed at
the top of the screen. Use the arrow keys to move around to the
team you want. Hit enter once to select the team, hit enter a
second time to move to the next field. When finished with that
week, just press ESC and you move on to the next week.

b.) Mouse Left - pressed once will display the list of teams. Move
the mouse to the team you want, press left again and it will
select that team and move you to the next field. Again when you
are done, just press ESC and it will display the next week.

* * * WARNING * * *
Take your time and double check your work. You can keep going over
the fields and changing them and it doesn't become final til you press
ESC. After that you will have to use a word processor on the file
named : "TEAM.TXT".

F4 - Print the weeks Schedule - The sheets are printed off for you
to use for the SEASON.

F5 - Exit.

- - General Rules - -

1.) All Sheets should be back to you by Thursday (Wed., if a Thurs.
game). This way on Friday you can hand out a Pick's Sheet.

2.) Any one that doesn't get the picks to you by kick-off of the 1st
game gets the ALTERNATE. In my case, I had a 7yr. old daughter
circle the names. She hates football, but had fun making patterns
as she makes her picks. So have someone else, just quickly go thru
the set of 16 sheets and just "X" them in for an ALTERNATE set.

3.) HAVE FUN ! ! !

The following programs are needed :



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