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Change phone number into words or vice-verca.
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Change phone number into words or vice-verca.
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Contents of the FONEWORD.DOC file

| FONEWORD and WORDFONE | Written by Neil J. Rubenking |
| | 300 Page St. |
| inspired by Patrick Cox of PC-SIG | San Francisco, CA 94102 |
Would people remember your phone number better if they heard it in the
form of a word? Can you remember that IBM's PC User Group support line
has the phone number IBM-PCUG? Pretty easy, isn't it. FONEWORD will
take your phone number and return all 2,187 possible equivalent words.
The "0" and "1" buttons don't have any letters on them, so these will
return an asterisk. You can view the result as 11 screenfuls on your
monitor, or have it printed out as 4 pages.

If, like me, you have trouble DIALING word-type phone numbers, WORDFONE
is the program for you. Enter "WORDFONE" and the word, and it quickly
returns the number to dial. E.g., "WORDFONE ENGLAND" returns 364-5263.

Patrick felt that a program like this would be useful in business. If it
is indeed of use to you, a contribution of $5 or $10 will encourage me to
continue writing software on this basis.

I could write a version of FONEWORD that would actually check for REAL
words, or combinations of words. However, I probably won't unless a
lot of interest is shown.

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