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FLUX - game similar to OTHELLO; with sound & requires mouse.

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FLUX: v1.0 (Requires VGA/Mouse) This is a
VERY ADDICTIVE, new strategy board game you
play against the computer. Once you start
playing you may not be able to stop! Move
your pieces to invade and conquer the game
grid while the computer does the same. Many
grid sizes and setups. Computer has 3 levels
of play, can you beat it? Good luck the
computer is very good. MOONLITE SOFTWARE

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FLUX – game similar to OTHELLO; with sound & requires mouse.
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Kim Williamson
(C)1992 by Kim WIlliamson. All rights reserved.

Hardware Requirements:
Flux will work on most PC's and Compatibles. A VGA monitor and
a mouse are required to run FLUX.

General Description:
FLUX is a unique and addicting game. Unique because there isn't
anything out there quite like it. Addicting because it challenges
everyone that has played it, from 8 to 80. (Yes, we really had an 80
year old play the game! We couldn't get her to stop playing the game!
We finally had to call the paramedics because her pacemaker was being
affected by all the radiation from her monitor).

You start with a simple 7x7 playing grid (49 squares). Inside the
playing grid are 2 red flux pieces (human player) and 2 blue flux
pieces (computer opponent). Also inside the grid are four or more
blocks. These blocks serve no purpose, other than to limit movement and
occupation by the flux pieces.

The object of the game is for your flux to multiply and strategically
occupy as much of the playing grid as possible. Whichever side has the
most points at the end of the game or occupies the entire grid is declared
the winner. Scoring is described below.

Menu Options:
After starting the game, you will be presented with a list of menu
options. Use your mouse to select the options of your choice by
clicking on the appropriate button. The list of options include:

START GAME - What else? It starts the game!
GRID SIZE - Select between a 7x7, 9x9, 11x11 or 13x13 square grid.
LEVEL - Clicking on this button allows you to toggle between
Easy, Average or Expert Gameplay.
SOUND - Toggles the sound ON or OFF.
QUIT - Allows you to Quit the game

Hitting the right mouse button will also start the game with the selected
options being active.

If you're a "Manly" kinda guy (or gal), choose the 13x13 square grid and
set your Game Level to "Expert". Be sure to hide our address if you do.
We don't want to receive any hate mail from your spouses or children
complaining that they only see the back of your head since you started
playing this game!

Movement and Gameplay:
FLUX supports mouse input only. When starting the game, a simple
menu will display allowing you to select your options. For now,
select the "Easy" mode.

To move a piece with your mouse, click on one of the red flux pieces.
A crosshair should appear over that piece. Now move the mouse
cursor to an unoccupied, adjacent square and click again. The flux
piece will throb and multiply and a new flux piece will now occupy the
chosen square.

You should now have three flux pieces instead of two.

The computer will now take it's turn.

You may have noticed that the computer chose to move one of it's two
pieces without multiplying. You have this option as well. Any flux piece
can be moved within a two square radius providing the new square is

To move a piece, first select it using the keyboard or mouse. Once the
crosshairs appear over the flux, select an unoccupied square no further
than two squares away from the marked flux piece. The flux will jump
from it's original square to the newly selected square.

If your flux piece is moved to a square adjacent to an opponent piece,
any opponent flux that is in direct contact with your flux piece, will
become infected and turn into your color. These pieces are now yours to
control, multiply or move.

Obviously, the same holds true for the computer. Your computer opponent
can move one of it's flux pieces into a square adjacent to one or
several of yours thereby infecting your pieces and taking them over.

Game Menu Options:
After starting a game, you can bring up the game menu by hitting the right
mouse button. You will the be presented with a list of menu options.
Use your mouse to select the options of your choice by clicking on the
appropriate button. The list of options include:

RESUME PLAY - What else? It resumes gameplay!
PLAYER COLORS - Selects a new color scheme for player pieces.
COMPUTER COLORS - Selects a new color scheme for computer pieces.
SOUND - Toggles the sound ON or OFF.
QUIT - Allows you to Quit the game

Hitting the right mouse button will also resume play with options selected
being active.

The score is tallied after each move. Initially, each flux piece is
worth 2 points. If a flux piece is moved to a square that has 1 or more
opponent pieces adjacent to it, those pieces will then be worth 1 point
only. All other pieces that are not in contact with a square occupied
by the opponent will still be worth 2 points.

You can see then, that it is possible to win the game with fewer pieces
than your opponent. Strategy plays a big part in this game.

Thanks for playing FLUX if you enjoyed this program and would
like to continue using it please send $15.00 for registration
of your copy. FLUX is distributed as shareware and as such this
copy is for evaluation purposes only. If you like FLUX and want
to continue to use it, you must register this copy with us.

To register your copy send a check or money order made payable
to --KIM WILLIAMSON-- in the amount of $15.00 to:

P.O.Box 94
N. Aurora, IL. 60542-0094

As a registered user you will receive any fixes to the game if
needed (It has been extensively tested but ya never know).

Watch for more games coming soon from MOONLITE SOFTWARE. As a
registered user you will also receive a $5.00 registration discount
on future releases!

Product support for registered users is available thru the above
address or thru the following systems:

Compuserve: 71203,1454
Prodigy : RCVH52A

Notes from the Author:
This is my first serious entry to the shareware industry. A lot of time
and work has gone into the making of this game. If you like this game,
and would like to see more like them, please send in your shareware
fees! I'm getting tired of standing by freeway off ramps with my
emaciated dog and a sign that reads "Will Program For Food". I need to
pay my rent, pay my bills, buy my beer, and buy my meals (Not necessarily
in that order!).

MOONLITE SOFTWARE is a group of sick and twisted individuals. So a
special Moonlite thanks go out to all my friends (both of them) who
beta tested FLUX for me. Without them, none of this would be possible!
(Yeah, right, sure!) Thanks go out to Chris for nothing really special
at all and to his Girlfriend Joyce for letting me watch. By the way Chris,
I really don't like you THAT much! I was only kidding about you getting
those Breast Implants on your back! Thanks also to Bob and his wife
Geneva for writing these docs.

MOONLITE SOFTWARE is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle
works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able
to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with
an ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members' products.
Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442
or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.

I'd love to hear from any of you that like this game. Those of you that
don't like the game should write to Washington. Or, never mind that,
he's dead.

You can reach me on any of the Following:

Compuserve: 71203,1454
Prodigy : RCVH52A
QuestHaven: A great "little" board located in Sunny Southern Cal.
Logon as "NEW" and leave feedback to Necro (That's Me!)
QuestHaven's number is: 310/429-3807

Hope to hear from y'all! Be sure to look for more games, soon to be
released from MOONLITE SOFTWARE!

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