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A simple F-18 jet fighter simulator. Full combat dogfighting.
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A simple F-18 jet fighter simulator. Full combat dogfighting.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK must both be on.

Throttle keys are <9> (INCREASE) and <3> (DECREASE).

The arrow keys represent the direction of a control stick.

<8> = DIVE
TURN LEFT = <4> - * - <6> = TURN RIGHT
<2> = CLIMB

The steam catapult launch key is
The combat mode weapons enable switch is
The fire button is the
The sidewinders enable display is
Right wing sidewinders are fired with the key.
Left wing sidewinders are fired with the key.
The map display magnify key is
The map display reduce key is
The landing gear control is the key
The Quit game key is

If you enjoy this simulator please send $10.00 to the address below. In return
you will be registered to receive a discount of $20.00 off any product that
AweSoft distributes. There are 3 in the works now. MIRAMAR (this version
for 4-6 Mhz Computers), and Miramar ST (this version updated for the Atari ST

Thank you for your support,
Marc Cochran
President, AweSoft Inc.
4547 White, Suite D
Los Alamos, NM 87544

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