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EGA only Space Flees like Space Invaders, amazing graphics.
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EGA only Space Flees like Space Invaders, amazing graphics.
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Contents of the FLEES.DOC file

By John Mifsud
(C) 1988, Independent Software Group, Inc.

This is an action arcade game for IBM PC/AT and compatibles with
an ega or vga card. The game will probably run on a normal pc/xt but
quite slowly for an action game...
The object of the game is to shoot as many flees as possible.
(original huh?) You start with three ships. Several flees will appear
near the top of the screen and will attack your ship. If a flee touches
your ship, you die. If you shoot a flee, it dies. Your shields will not
only stop flees from killing you, but will also destroy flees who come in
contact with them.

The controls are :

Move Left =
Move Right = left
Fire = right
Shield =

The key layout works well with the original AT keyboard. (the one
with the function keys on the left) Future versions will use the joystick
or mouse. The key TOGGLES the shields on or off. On the left
side of the screen is a meter for the shield strength. While the shields
are on they use power, when the power runs out so do the shields...

Scoring :
The scoring is simple but unusual. There are NO points for killing
flees. However, every time a flee dies its body is placed in the box at
the right side of the screen. (the body count) When this box is filled,
the screen is cleared and the next wave begins. At the bottom of the screen
is a trophy case. Every wave another marker is placed in this case, and
an extra ship is awarded. (max of 2 extra ships at any one time)

Misc :
- The shields are recharged at the end of a wave and for each new ship.

- You can specify the number of flees on the screen as a parameter from
dos For example "flees 6" will use six flees.

- If the game runs too fast or too slow try changing the # of flees as
suggested above.

This is the first release of this game & is bound to have MANY bugs.
I've only tried it on a few machines so there is likely to be some
compatability problems. Please let me know about them & I'll do my best
to fix 'em up. Also let me know about any improvements that you would like.
I already know that the game need to have a greater variety of enemies,
but I wanted to get some feedback before I spend much more time on it.
I can be reached on Compuserve (70076,501), or on 1139/South (714-545-1706).

This software may be freely distributed as long as no fees are charged
for it and this file is distributed along with the game. All rights are
reserved by Independent Software Group.

John Mifsud

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