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Thrustmaster FCS. TSR to program FCS COOLIE-HAT.
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Thrustmaster FCS. TSR to program FCS COOLIE-HAT.
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Contents of the F3COOLIE.TXT file

F3COOLIE for FALCON 3.0 version 3.01.1

By: Ken "Stinger" Richardson
UID: [70761,301]

F3COOLIE is a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program that will
work with the ThrustMaster FCS allowing you to program the "Coolie Hat" and
Buttons 3 and 4 to any keystroke on the keyboard, (including SHFT/CTRL/ALT
keys). You can also program "double-click" funtions to any button or hat
position. For example: By default the Hat is programmed to switch between
forward, back, right and left views depending on what direction you push it.
If you push the Hat up twice, it will switch to Padlock view.

To program your FCS, I supplied a small program called COOLKEY.COM. This
program will ask you to press which keystroke you want for each Hat position
and Button. After you make your keystroke selections, it will write a file
named F3COOLIE.CFG. This file must be in the same directory as F3COOLIE.COM
when you load it. If F3COOLIE can't find the F3COOLIE.CFG file, it assumes
you want to use the defaults.

No modification is required to the Falcon program. Simply run the F3COOLIE
program, or use LOADHIGH to load it into high memory. The first step is to
calibrate your Coolie Hat. Just follow the on-screen instructions, this only
takes a few seconds. Next F3COOLIE will check to see if the F3COOLIE.CFG file
is available, if so it will program the Hat and Buttons. After F3COOLIE is
loaded it will automatically check to see if Falcon is running. If Falcon is
running it will automatically "attach" itself. If Falcon is not running, it
will simply lay dormant in memory until it senses Falcon. To Uninstall
F3COOLIE, just execute the F3COOLIE.COM program a second time. This will
remove the TSR from memory.

F3COOLIE also has a feature that will allow you to remap your COM3 and COM4
ports to COM1 and COM2 respectively. This will allow people to connect with
Falcon, in one of the communications modes, using COM3 or COM4. To enable the
COM port remap feature, add the /3 or /4 switch after typing F3COOLIE. For
example: Type F3COOLIE /3 to remap COM3 to COM1
or F3COOLIE /4 to remap COM4 to COM2

This utility is not supported by Spectrum Holobyte in any way so if
you experience any problems contact me via Compuserve EMail or the MODEMGAMES
forum on Compuserve (GO MODEMGAMES).



File list:
F3COOLIE.COM - Padlock TSR itself. This file must be loaded before
running Falcon.
F3COOLIE.TXT - This file.

COOLKEY.COM - The "programming" program.

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