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Mace faces on the screen from 1 to thousands.
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Mace faces on the screen from 1 to thousands.
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Contents of the FACE.DOC file


FACE 5 Make five smiley faces
FACE 0 Get rid of the faces for now

LEFTSHIFT Circle right RIGHTSHIFT Circle left
ALT Huddle CTRL Jitterbug
ALT+SHIFT Greek line dance

Hold these keys down for at least ONE SECOND for effect:

INS Add more faces CAPSLOCK Fewer faces
INS+CAPSLOCK Turn on/off noise

---- Copyright (c) 1984, Bitwave Technology ----

Feel free to copy or distribute this program for personal use
provided you retain this copyright notice. Not for resale.
Permission to post on Bulletin Board Systems granted.
If you use and enjoy this program, please send 10 dollars to:

Bitwave Technology
Suite 300
One Lilac Court
Cambridge, MA 02141

This will register you as a user, and you will be put on
our mailing list.

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