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Complete F19 pilot editor. Allows you to restore dead pilots.
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Complete F19 pilot editor. Allows you to restore dead pilots.
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Contents of the ROSTER.DOC file

F - 19 R O S T E R E D I T O R

Written by: Mark Bowman

Address: 6810 South Elyria Road
Shreve, Ohio 44676

Language Used: Microsoft Quick Basic ver 4.0
Add in Routines: MicroHelp MACH 2 ( a Must ! )

Date Compiled: November 5, 1989

To be used with: F-19 STEALTH FIGHTER

Reason for writing the program: Just to see if I could write it in BASIC

This program allows anyone to change their pilot into a
Top Gun, or bring him back from the dead, or out of retirement.
O R W H A T E V E R !!!!!!

First things first ........

The F-19 ROSTER EDITOR looks for a file called: ROSTER.FIL
So.... Just set the path to ROSTER.FIL using the path command.


The F-19 ROSTER EDITOR searches the current Drive and Subdirectory
for ROSTER.FIL, if it doesn't find it, it will search for it
in the path that you set. Now if it still doesn't find it, the
program will give you an error and send you back to DOS.

Now to start the F-19 ROSTER EDITOR, just type ROSTER and
hit the ENTER or RETURN key.

If all goes well you should see the main screen with the
first record displayed, begging you to change it.

The rest of the program is self explanitory. Just look at the screen.

If you have any Questions, Comments, or Snide Remarks......

just leave me a message !!!!!

I can be reached on RBBS PC in Tiffin, Ohio (419) 448-1421


A $5.00 contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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