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F-111 military plane for Flight Simulator IV.
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F-111 military plane for Flight Simulator IV.
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Contents of the F111A.DOC file

F111A.ZIP F111a Aardvark By Butch Harrell April 18,1993
(IBM) Multi-Player Compatible

The General Dynamics F-111 was the first aircraft to successfully utilize
the movable, swing-wing concept. The purpose of having movable wings is
to increase the versatility of the plane by providing maximum lift during
takeoff and landing, but reducing drag and increasing speed while in flight.

Nicknamed Aardvark because of its long nose, the F-111 was originally de-
signed to be a fighter, but its excessive size and weight made that role
impractical. Instead, the F-111 was developed into the world's first super-
sonic attack bomber with electronic gear able to guide it directly to an
unseen target for a first-strike capability. The F-111 was used in the
1970's in the Vietnam conflict, and after that, in the Libya campaign.

This model has wings that sweep back at or above 200 knots TAS.

__________________ Files in this ZIP _____________________

Required to fly: F111A___ FS4 Aircraft
F111A.SIM FS3 .sim file.

Information: F111A.DOC This file.

Optional files: SHEPPARD.MOD Sheppard Air Force Base, TX
SHEPPARD.SC1 Sheppard AFB scenery file.

FS Coord's: N 14039 E 12767

Sheppard AFB is located in north central Texas near Wichita Falls,TX.

The above files were created with Mallard's Aircraft and Adventure
Factory; Micrososft Flight Simulator, Aircraft & Scenery Designer;
and SEE 04 Scenery Enhancement Editor, also by Mallard.

Near-scale dimensions were used.


Butch Harrell CIS 70602,1011

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