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"Your ESP Test" A series of self-tests to measure your "ESP", specifically Precognition, Clairvoyance and Telekinesis.
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“Your ESP Test” A series of self-tests to measure your “ESP”, specifically Precognition, Clairvoyance and Telekinesis.
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written by Rosemary West
(c) Copyright 1991 Rosemary West
All Rights Reserved

The menu includes these choices:

1. Precognition (predict the future)
2. Clairvoyance (know something unseen)
3. Telekineses (move objects)

These are three basic tests for ESP (extra-sensory perception).
"Precognition" tests your ability to predict a future event -- in this
case, which of five symbols will be randomly selected by the computer.
"Clairvoyance" tests your ability to know about something that has
already happened, but which you cannot see -- in this case, which
symbol was randomly picked by the computer. "Telekineses" tests your
ability to move objects using mental power. You will try to control the
roll of computerized dice. A single die is used, so you will pick a
number from 1 to 6. We recommend that you pick the same number for each
try of a round, to reduce the possibility of making random matches by
Press the key which corresponds to the test you want. A brief
summary of instructions will appear on screen. A "round" of tests
involves 24 or 25 single attempts. To get a good statistical base, you
should do several rounds of a test at one sitting, up to 100 rounds. To
quit at the end of a round, or any time during the round, press at
the prompt. (If you quit before completing the first round, your score
will not be calculated.) You will then see the statistics from your
test, with an explanation of what your score means.
Note that when you are testing for precognition or clairvoyance, the
symbols to be selected are the punctuation symbols that appear above
the numbers 1-5 on your keyboard. To select a symbol, simply press the
Several sources were consulted in the research for this test; the
primary source for testing methods and statistics came from the
writings of a major ESP authority, the late Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke
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