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Maps and characters for Eye of the Beholder 2.
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Maps and characters for Eye of the Beholder 2.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


This set of maps covers the forest, the Temple of Darkmoon ground level,
and all the underground levels. A separate GIF file contains a legend of the
symbols used in the maps.

You'll need a GIF viewer, perferrably one that can also produce hard copies
of GIF files, to display the maps. Hardwarewise, if you can play the game
Eye Of the Beholder 2, you should have no trouble using the maps.

A word about the stairs. I'm convinced that the stairs do not always lead to
a different level. The rule of thumb that I used in producing these maps was
this: if the hard drive came on when I took a set of stairs, then I was going
to a different level. Otherwise I stayed on the same level, but arrived at a
separate area. Each upstair is matched with a corresponding downstair. If,
for example, you take the set of downstairs G, look at the right side of
the map to see if it's destination level is listed. If it is, then you will
find a set of _upstairs_ G on the destination level. If it is not listed,
that means, stairs G stay on the same level. Look carefully at the same map
to find where it leads.

I didn't have a thief in my party and there was a key on underground level 2
that I never found a key to open. That's why the map on level 2 shows a door
that does not lead anywhere. This map will be updated later when I take a
different party through the game.

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