Dec 222017
Nice game in which you try to get through monsters.
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Nice game in which you try to get through monsters.
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Contents of the README file


Moraff's Entrap, Beginner's Version 2.0

Please make copies of this game. The more copies you make, the
more orders Moraffware receives. Also, please consider registering
this game. If you do, you will receive the Advanced Version with
10 levels of difficulty. You will also receive a bunch of other excellent
high-resolution games. You'll also be compensating the author for his work.

For information call: (800) VGA-GAME (842-4263).

This game is sponsored by Advanced Micro Devices and their AMD
80C287 math coprocessor.

To begin Moraff's Entrap, type `ENTRAP' and enjoy the game...

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