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Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea. Adventure Game.
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Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea. Adventure Game.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea!
Information and Hints

This game is being brought to you from Harris Semiconductor, an
industry leader in Signal Processing and Power Control. Harris has
a broad line of Analog and Digital Signal Processing components
created to lessen your design challenges.

Harris' Digital Signal Processing products provide solutions to
Image Processing, Communications and Instrumentation applications.
Products include Image Processing components, Digital Filters,
Numerically Controlled Oscillators, Correlators, Sequencers,
Multiplier Accumulators and Special Function products.

Call 1-800-4HARRIS Extension 1092 for more information on Harris
Sony Handycam

If you complete the challenge and send in the Space Time
Coordinates by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th, 1991 you will be eligible to
get into the drawing for the Sony CCD-TR4 Handycam CamCorder! Just
complete the top portion of the response card and mail it back or
call in your Space Time Coordinates to Engineering Jones at
1-800-4HARRIS extension 1092.

Conditions of Use

There are a few conditions. This game is free for your personal
use or for any person who you believe would enjoy the challenges of
the Times Thieves. SO GIVE THIS GAME TO A FRIEND!! The only catch
is that you provide all the files on this floppy to anyone you give
it away to.
Why Me?

You were sent this game because your name is on a list of
intelligent and gifted individuals who deal daily with video and
image processing challenges. Harris believes that two of our
premier components the Two Dimensional Convolver and Image Filter
could be useful for you applications.

To Start The Challenge

Engineering Jones needs your help! He's trying to save the
technology of planet DSPea from being plundered by those
scoundrels, the Time Thieves. To save the technology future of

o Take the enclosed disk
o Place it in the A drive of any IBM PC or Compatible
o Type A:
o Type HSP
o Get ready for the challenges of the Time Thieves.

Need a Hint?

Read all your FAXes before teleporting to DSPea. Once you teleport
into DSPea you will notice that you are in a maze. Look for hints
on the mailer. With a little thought you should find your way to
the Archives. You are starting in the South West of DSPea and need
to get to North East but don't try to get there directly! All the
challenges are quite simple (once you get a little practice)!

The city of DSPea will close in around you. As you complete a
challenge there will be no turning back!!

If your sense of direction is not well developed, use a pencil and
graph paper to map out the city.

Still stuck? Well, call the 1-800-4HARRIS hot line extension 1092.
We will send you an answer sheet along with the latest DSP data

Have Fun and enjoy the game

Robert B. De Robertis
Harris DSP Product Market Development

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