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Adds color and graphics to EMPIRE.
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Adds color and graphics to EMPIRE.
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Contents of the EMENH.DOC file


Version 1.00

(C) Copyright 1987, Paul Weaver



Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 1


Section Subject Page
1 Introduction . . . . . . . . 4
1.0 What is it . . . . . . . . 4
1.1 System Requirements . . . 4
1.2 Files needed . . . . . . . 4
1.3 Compatibility . . . . . . 5
1.4 Acknowledgements . . . . . 5
1.5 Disclaimer . . . . . . . . 6

2 Licensing . . . . . . . . . 7
2.0 Terms . . . . . . . . . . 7
2.1 Registration . . . . . . . 7
2.2 Support . . . . . . . . . 7

3 General Operation . . . . . 9
3.0 Pulldown Menus . . . . . . 9
3.1 Colorization . . . . . . . 9
3.2 Keyboard Enhancement . . . 10
3.3 World Maps . . . . . . . . 10
3.4 FakeWork . . . . . . . . . 11

4 Menu Options . . . . . . . . 13
4.0.0 Play Menu . . . . . . . . 13
4.0.1 Start New Game . . . . . 13
4.0.2 Resume Prev Game . . . . 13
4.0.3 Exit . . . . . . . . . . 13
4.1.0 Colorization Menu. . . . . 13
4.1.1 Off . . . . . . . . . . 14

4.1.2 High speed . . . . . . . 14
4.1.3 Med. speed . . . . . . . 14
4.1.4 Low speed . . . . . . . 14
4.2.0 Keyboard Menu . . . . . . 14
4.2.1 Off . . . . . . . . . . 14
4.2.2 On . . . . . . . . . . . 14
4.3.0 "T" Option Menu . . . . . 14
4.3.1 Printer . . . . . . . . 15
4.3.2 Screen CGA . . . . . . . 15
4.3.3 Screen EGA . . . . . . . 15
4.3.4 Screen EGA/ECD . . . . . 15
4.4.0 FakeWork Menu . . . . . . 15
4.4.1 Spreadsheet . . . . . . 15
4.4.2 Word Proc. . . . . . . . 15
4.4.3 Programming . . . . . . 16
4.4.4 Custom . . . . . . . . . 16
4.4.5 Off. . . . . . . . . . . 16
4.4.6 Hot Key . . . . . . . . 16
4.4.7 Auto (One Minute) . . . 16
4.4.8 Auto (Five Minutes) . . 16
4.4.9 Auto (Ten Minutes) . . . 16

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 2

4.5.0 Misc Menu . . . . . . . . 17
4.5.1 Save Config . . . . . . 17
4.5.2 Version . . . . . . . . 17
4.5.3 License . . . . . . . . 17

A Appendix A -
MAKEWORK.EXE . . . . . 18

B Appendix B -
Registration Form . . . 19

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 3


1.0 - What is it ?

The Empire Enhancer is designed to add to the enjoyment and
ease of use of the Empire game. The Empire Enhancer forms a
shell around the Empire game and adds a number of additional
features to the game:

* Color can be added to the normally black & white
maps on the screen.

* The cursor movement arrows can be used to move your
forces. No more fussing with the "QWEADZXC" keys.

* A map of the entire world can be displayed in
graphics mode.

* A "FakeWork" feature has been provided for people
without understanding bosses.

1.1 - System requirements.

The Empire Enhancer is designed to run on an IBM PC, XT, AT,
PS/2, or true compatible, with at least 256K of memory and DOS
2.0 or later. Displays supported are Monochrome, CGA, and EGA.

You must also have a copy of the Empire game, which is not
included in this distribution package. Empire is a public domain
game which can be obtained from many local computer bulletin
boards, or from national information providers such as

NOTE: The Empire game requires that ANSI.SYS be loaded by
your CONFIG.SYS file.


The following files are part of, or used by, The Empire
Enhancer. All files should be in the same subdirectory, since
The Empire Enhancer currently ignores the PATH and APPEND

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 4

Empire Enhancer files:

File Name Description
------------ -----------------------------------------
EMENH.EXE Empire Enhancer program.
MAKEWORK.EXE Makework program. (See appendix A for
more information)
SS.FWK Spreadsheet screen for FakeWork feature.
WP.FWK Word proc. screen for FakeWork feature.
PR.FWK Programming screen for FakeWork feature.
CUSTOM.FWK User defined screen for FakeWork feature.
EMENH.DOC Documentation for Empire Enhancer.

Empire game files:

File Name Description
------------ -----------------------------------------
EMPIRE.EXE The Empire game program.
EMSAVE.DAT Saved Empire game data file.


The Empire Enhancer should never be run with memory resident
utilities such as Sidekick or SuperKey. All though it hasn't
been tested, some of the tricks used in the Empire Enhancer
will probably throw Windows, and Desqview for a loop as well.


Before we go any further, let me remind you that IBM, PC,
XT, AT, PS/2, and Topview are trademarks of International
Business Machines. Multisync is a trademark of NEC Home
Electronics. Windows and MS-DOS are trademarks of
Microsoft. Desqview is a trademark of Quarterdeck Office
Systems. Sidekick, SuperKey, and Turbo C are trademarks of
Borland International. Other product names contained herein
are trademarks of their respective holders.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 5


Paul Weaver (the author) makes no warranty of any kind,
express or implied, including without limitation, any warranties
of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. The
author shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct,
indirect, special or consequential arising from a failure of this
program to operate in the manner desired by the user. The author
shall not be liable for any damage to data or property which may
be caused directly or indirectly by use of the program.


Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 6


2.0 - TERMS

The Empire Enhancer is distributed through the "shareware"
concept. You may make and distribute as many copies of the
software as you like, provided the following conditions are met:

1. No fee may be charged for such copying and
distribution other than actual costs incurred.

2. The software may ONLY be distributed in its
original unmodified form with all programs, data
files and documentation.

If you like the software, and find it useful, you should
become a registered user.

2.1 - Registration

By becoming a registered user, you will help make the
"shareware" idea work. You will also be casting a vote against
high software prices, and copy protection. In addition, you will
be placed on our mailing list to receive notification of updates,
new products, and special offers.

To become a registered user, send $10.00 to:

P.O. BOX 14175
LAS VEGAS, NV. 89114

You will find a registration form at the end of this

2.2 - Support

Currently, all support is handled through either the US
mail, or CompuServe Easyplex electronic mail. Please send all
comments, questions, problems, etc. to:

P.O. BOX 14175
LAS VEGAS, NV. 89114

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 7

Or, send CompuServe Easyplex mail to:

ID # 76566,130

Please be sure to include a complete description of any
problem you are having. We also need to know which version of
The Empire Enhancer you are running, along with the type and
configuration of your machine, DOS version, and any memory
resident utilities in use. Please remember, if you do not
provide us with a complete description of the problem there is
little we can do to help.

We'll do our best to provide any assistance we can, but if
you are not a registered user we do not guarantee to provide
support of any kind.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 8


3.0 - Pulldown menus

The Empire Enhancer uses standard pulldown menus similar to
those found in many commercial products. The menu is broken down
into major functional areas which run horizontally along the top
of the screen. Within each area are the individual options which
are displayed vertically below the top selection.

When the program is started a highlighted bar will be on the
"Play" selection of the horizontal menu. You can use the right
and left arrow keys to move the bar to the desired area. When
the bar is on the area you want, hit the enter key to pull down a
detail menu.

The detail menu operates the same as the horizontal menu,
except you use the up and down keys to move the selection bar.
Once again, when the bar is over the option you wish to select,
press the enter key. The far left hand column of the detail menu
contains a status indicator. This indicator (a double right
arrow) signifies that a particular option is selected.

If you pull down the wrong detail menu by mistake, you can
return to the horizontal menu by pressing the escape (ESC) key. A
better option, however, is to use the right and left arrow keys.
When a detail menu is displayed, these keys will select the
detail menu on either side of the current menu.

If you find using the arrow keys tedious, you can also make
a selection by pressing the selection key associated with each
menu option. The selection key for each menu item is
capitalized and highlighted.

3.1 - Colorization

The colorization feature works by adding color to the screen
after the Empire program has generated the display. The map will
initially be displayed in black and white, as will any changes to
the map. The color is added shortly thereafter.

Colorization will only be performed during your turn within
the Empire game. This is to prevent the colorization process,
which can be quite time consuming, from slowing down the
calculations made when it's the computer's turn. Three speeds
are available for coloring the screen. Which one you should use
will depend on how much spare horsepower your computer has

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 9

Colorization will work on either a color or monochrome
display. The colors or monochrome attributes for each type of
piece or terrain are shown below:

Symbol Description Color Mono
------ -------------------- ----- -------
. Ocean Blue Normal
+ Land Brown Normal
* Unoccupied City White Reverse
A Your Army Green Bright
B Your Battleship Green Bright
C Your Carrier Green Bright
D Your Destroyer Green Bright
F Your Fighter Green Bright
O Your City Green Bright
R Your Cruiser Green Bright
S Your Submarine Green Bright
T Your Troop Transport Green Bright
a Enemy Army Red Reverse
b Enemy Battleship Red Reverse
c Enemy Carrier Red Reverse
d Enemy Destroyer Red Reverse
f Enemy Fighter Red Reverse
r Enemy Cruiser Red Reverse
s Enemy Submarine Red Reverse
t Enemy Troop Transport Red Reverse
X Enemy City Red Reverse


The keyboard enhancement feature allows you to use the
cursor movement keys instead of the "QWEADZXC" keys. The keys
function as follows.

Cursor Key Empire key Function
------------ ---------- -------------------------
Home Q Move up and left
Up arrow W Move up
PgUp E Move up and right
Left arrow A Move left
5 (Blank) Space bar Stay at current location
Right arrow D Move right
End Z Move down and left
Down arrow X Move down
PgDn C Move down and right


The Empire Enhancer allows you to generate an on-screen
world map in high resolution graphics. This feature replaces
Empire's normal "T option" which generates a world map on the
printer. Three display methods are provided.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 10

The Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) mode displays the map in
320 by 200 pixel four color mode. The symbols used in the map are
as follows:

Symbol Meaning
---------------------- -----------------------
Magenta (Pink) Ocean
Cyan (Lt. Blue) Land
White Your forces & cities
White with black dot Enemy forces and cities
White with magenta dot Unoccupied city
Black Unexplored area

The Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) mode is for use on
systems equipped with an EGA, but not an Enhanced Color Display
(ECD). This mode uses a 320 by 200 pixel sixteen color
display.In EGA mode the following map symbols are used:

Symbol Meaning
---------------------- -----------------------
Blue Ocean
Brown Land
Green Your forces & cities
Red Enemy forces and cities
White Unoccupied city
Black Unexplored area

The third display mode (EGA/ECD) is for the Enhanced
Graphics Adapter with an Enhanced Color Display or Multisync
monitor. This display mode uses 640 by 350 pixel sixteen color
graphics. The colors used in this mode are the same as those
above. In addition, the character used in the normal Empire
display will appear in the graphics boxes.


The Fake Work feature provides a method of immediately
popping up a "business like" screen on top of the Empire game.
This can be used when your boss walks into your office
unexpectedly. When the danger is past, you can restore the
Empire screen and continue the game.

Three different types of Fake Work are provided: A
spreadsheet, word processor, and an excerpt from a C program.
You can pick the one which would fit in best at your work place,
or make your own.

The MAKEWORK program allows you to take a snapshot of the
screen you normally work with. This screen can then be popped up
by the Empire Enhancer's FakeWork feature. Appendix A describes
the MAKEWORK program in more detail.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 11

In addition to the type of screen, you can also choose which
key will activate FakeWork. Or, if you prefer, FakeWork can be
automatically invoked after one, five, or ten minutes of no
keyboard activity. This option is especially helpful when you
get called away from your desk suddenly. To restore the game
screen, simply press the hot key.

One caution about FakeWork is in order. When the FakeWork
screen is displayed, your PC does nothing (absolutely nothing)
until the hot key is pressed. This means that programs which run
in the background will not work. In addition, your clock will not
keep time, and even Ctrl-Alt-Del won't work, until you exit the
FakeWork screen.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 12


4.0.0 - PLAY MENU

The PLAY menu is used to invoke the Empire game, or to exit
back to DOS. Two options are provided to start the game. The
first will start a new game (erasing any game which had been
previously saved). The other will resume the game at the point
where you left off last time.

The Empire Enhancer will check to make sure you have version
5.00 of the Empire game. If you have a different version, a
warning will be displayed. You will then be asked whether you
want to try anyway.

NOTE: The game program (EMPIRE.EXE) must be in the current
directory in order for the Empire Enhancer to be able to find


This option will delete any saved game, and start a fresh
game. The Empire program will take anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes
to construct a new game, so please be patient.


The resume option will restart the game at the point where
you left off last time. If Empire cannot find a previously saved
game, it will create a new game as in section 4.0.1.

4.0.3 - EXIT

This selection exits the Empire Enhancer and returns you to


The colorization menu allows you to choose one of three
speeds of colorization, or turn it off entirely. The speed to
pick will depend on how much CPU power you have to burn. Higher
speeds cost more overhead.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 13

4.1.1 - OFF
This turns colorization completely off, reducing its
overhead to zero.

4.1.2 - HIGH SPEED

This is the fastest (and most expensive) colorization mode.
It is recommended for systems such as the AT and PS/2 models
50 and above. It colors the screen at a rate of up to 54 lines
per second.

4.1.3 - MED. SPEED

The medium speed mode is designed for turbo PC and XT
clones, and for the PS/2 model 30. In this mode the screen is
colored at 18 lines per second.

4.1.4 - LOW SPEED

If you have one of the original (4.77 MHz) PC's or XT's, you
need to use the low speed option. The coloring speed is only six
lines per second, but the higher speeds will slow your computer
down to a crawl.


The Keyboard Menu allows you to turn the keyboard
enhancement feature on or off.

4.2.1 - OFF

This selection disables keyboard enhancement.

4.2.2 - ON

This selection enables keyboard enhancement.

4.3.0 - "T" OPTION MENU

The "T" Option Menu is used to select the method of
generating world maps. World maps are created by the "T" command
from Empire's "Your orders" prompt.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 14

4.3.1 - PRINTER

This option creates a map on your printer. This is the same
map that is produced by Empire without the Empire Enhancer.

4.3.2 - SCREEN CGA

In this mode, the world map will be produced on the graphics
screen in 320 by 200 4 color graphics. It will work with any
system which has a Color Graphics Adapter, and an RGB or
composite monitor. See section 3.3 for the meanings of the
symbols used.

4.3.3 - SCREEN EGA

This mode is for use on systems which have an Enhanced
Graphics Adapter with less than 128K of memory, or a standard RGB
monitor. It produces the map in 320 by 200 16 color mode. The
meanings of the graphics symbols is presented in section


Use this mode if you have an EGA board with at least 128K of
memory, and an Enhanced Color Display or Multisync monitor.
EGA/ECD mode produces 640 by 350 pixel, 16 color graphics. This
provides enough resolution to display a world map with the same
symbol used in Empire's "Move" mode.


The FakeWork menu is used to control The Empire Enhancer's
"artificial productivity" features. FakeWork can help minimize
the chances of being caught playing Empire when you


This option tells FakeWork to display a simulated
spreadsheet in an emergency.

4.4.2 - WORD PROC

Use this option if word processing is what you're supposed
to be working on.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 15


If you're a programmer, this selection will pop up a section
of C code into a simulated editor.

4.4.4 - CUSTOM

If none of the above is suitable to your needs, you can
create your own FakeWork screen. Appendix A tells how this is

4.4.5 - OFF

This will disable the FakeWork "artificial productivity"

4.4.6 - HOT KEY

When you make this selection, you will be prompted for the
hot key used to pop up the FakeWork screen. Any key can be used
(including keys like and ). Be sure the key
you select is not used by the Empire game, or you will have no
way use that Empire feature.

You must remember your hot key in order to exit the FakeWork
screen. When The Empire Enhancer is shipped, the default hot key
is function key F1.


This selection will automatically pop up the FakeWork screen
after one minute of no keyboard activity. You must press the hot
key to exit FakeWork.


This is just like 4.4.7 only the delay is five minutes.


This is also just like 4.4.7, except with a 10 minute

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 16

4.5.0 - MISC MENU

This Misc. menu contains items that didn't fit into any of
the other categories.


This option saves the current configuration. When you
restart The Empire Enhancer, the options you have selected will
automatically be selected.

4.5.2 - VERSION

This will display the version of The Empire Enhancer that
you are running.

4.5.3 - LICENSE

The License function displays information about where this
program came from, and how and why you should register. If you
wish, it will also print out a registration form.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 17


Makework is a text screen grabber which allows you to create
a FakeWork screen that exactly matches the project you're working
on. The screen is saved in a file names "CUSTOM.FWK". This file
can be selected from The Empire Enhancer's FakeWork menu, by
choosing the "Custom" selection. To use Makework, type the
following from the DOS command line:


Where is the name of the program whose screen you
want to capture.

Makework will run the specified program in the normal
manner. You are free to navigate through the application as you
normally would. When you have the screen just the way you want
it, press to save the screen. Next, exit the
program in the normal manner, and copy the "CUSTOM.FWK" file to
your Empire directory.

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 18


Empire Enhancer Registration Form

P.O. BOX 14175

NAME: ______________________________________ DATE: ___/___/___
( m d y )
ADDRESS: ______________________________________

CITY: ______________________________________

STATE: ______________ ZIP: _________-_______

COMPUSERVE ID # _______________________________

AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $____________

[ ] Registration only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00

[ ] Registration and diskette . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15.00


| * * * DO NOT MARK HERE * * *
Your support is greatly appreciated. |
| Serial # _______________________
| Version #_______________________
Paul Weaver |
| Ship date_______________________
| 702701

Empire Enhancer V1.00 Copyright (C) 1987, Paul Weaver Page 19

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