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Election '92 Copyright (c) 1992 John Di Troia

This version of Election '92 is released as Shareware. If you are using
this program and find it to be entertaining, your contribution of $5
will be appreciated. Regardless of whether you make a contribution or not,
you are encouraged to copy and share this program.

With a Contribution of $9 you will receive a Registered copy of Election '92
on 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" disk (specify one).

Mail Check or Money Order to:
John Di Troia
5 Mt Pleasant Street
Saugus, MA 01906

Be sure to include your return address, program name and version
number. Also include the name you would like to appear on the
registered disk.

Program Name: Election '92
Version 1.0
Description: Election 92 is an arcade style game where you can
influence the outcome of the presidential election
by thwarting the voting attempts of the candidates.
A unique game with excellent graphics makes this
a collector's item of the 1992 election year.

Executable: elect92.exe
Operating System: Windows 3.1

Installation: 1. Copy elect92.exe to hard disk.
2. Start Windows.
3. Choose 'Run' under program manager's 'File' option.
Type full path of elect92.exe.
Choose 'File', 'New', 'Program Item' under program
manager. Enter full path of elect92.exe. Click
twice on newly created icon.

Advanced: Some of the speed settings of Election '92 are maintained
in elect92.ini. These settings may be manually adjusted
to suit your needs. Elect92.ini is initialized as

SetSpeed=1 /* 1=slow 2=medium 3=fast */
Slow=1250 /* candidate appears for 1250 milliseconds */

The larger the number, the longer each character will
remain visible on the screen.

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Archive   : ELECT92.ZIP
Filename : ELECT92.TXT

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