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Adventure game about exploring pyramids.
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Adventure game about exploring pyramids.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EGYPT1.EXE 138270 63258 deflated
EGYPT1.JRN 1 1 stored
EGYPT1.TXT 5264 1955 deflated

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Contents of the EGYPT1.TXT file

EGYPT1.TXT-Text File for Egyptian Excavation v1.0

Egyptian Excavation is my first shareware release. It was designed
to entertain people of all ages. The beta testing was done by
adults and kids. This is the first version, v1.0, and it was
released on April 9, 1993.

All of the files for this game are named EGYPT1. This was done to
simplify organization of the files. If any file is present that does
not have the name EGYPT1, delete it! There are 3 files.

This is the executable game file. This file should be 138270 bytes.
If EGYPT1.EXE is any larger or even any smaller that 138270 bytes,
delete it to protect your computer. This could mean that a virus has
infected the program, or the program has been tampered with. It
is a violation of the copyright to modify this file in any way.

This is the text file that you are reading. It can be read by typing
it or a listing program. It is a violation of the copyright to modify
this file in any way.

This is a data file. It is the file in which your expedition
information is saved. This file may be deleted if you wish to
restart your journal, but you must create an empty EGYPT1.JRN before
attempting to play again.

To run Egyptian Excavation, you must have a VGA card. A single voice
internal speaker is also required. The game was designed on a 386 SX
16 MHz computer, and tested also on a 486 25 MHz machine. Your
machine must have 512K of RAM. This game may be run from a hard disk
or a floppy disk.

Egyptian Excavation will return control to your operating system if
an error occurs.

ERROR MESSAGE: "Device Fault in module EGYPT1 at address 14A0:56B2"
CAUSE: Attempted to print document when printer was off, or no
printer was connected.
WHAT TO DO: Next time when asked if you would like a print out, make
sure your printer is on, or do not print.
NOTES: No harm is done, simply returns control to your operating

ERROR MESSAGE: "Path/File access error in module EGYPT1 at address
CAUSE: Attempted to update EGYPT1.JRN when disk is write protected,
or the file was accidentally marked for "read only".
WHAT TO DO: Un-protect your disk. If it is a 3 1/2 inch disk, move
the tab so that you can not see through the disk. If
it's a 5 1/4 inch disk, remove the tab. If the program
is installed on a hard drive, try changing the file's
attributes to read and write. In MS-DOS 5.0, this can be
done by entering "ATTRIB -R EGYPT1.JRN" in the directory
of the game.
NOTES: No harm is done, simply returns control to your operating
system. The game information will not be saved.

ERROR MESSAGE: "Out of stack space in line 41856 of module {$J at
address 249C:ODDO"
CAUSE: Hitting arrow keys in rapid succession.
WHAT TO DO: Be more careful.
NOTES: This error will be rare if not non existent. Earlier testing
versions had this problem. Occurred after long periods of
continuous testing, and when absurdly pounding on the keys.
NOTES: No harm is done, simply returns control to your operating

The registration fee is $5.00. Upon registering, you will receive a
5 1/4 disk, with the non-shareware version of Egyptian Excavation.
On the disk will be a secret code. When entered at the appropriate
time in the game, you will get all the necessary items to win!

Unregistered users of Egyptian Excavation are allowed a 3 week trial
period to see if the program fits their needs. After the trial
period, the user must either register the program for $5, or delete
the program. Egyptian Excavation version 1.0 may be copied and
passed along on BBS's as long as the 3 files are intact and
unaltered. I, Matt Kauppi, am not responsible for any damage this
program may inflict to the users computer, but I have taken
precautions to avoid problems. No alteration may be made to the
executable EGYPT1 file, or this EGYPT1 text file.

Matt Kauppi
13605 Russett Terrace
Rockville, Maryland 20853

-Thanks for reading this file!

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