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A simple PinBall game. Nice graphics and sound.
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A simple PinBall game. Nice graphics and sound.
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Contents of the README.BAT file


Contents of the README file

TYPE READMEHere is your FREE copy of Moraff's Pinball Version 3.0. Please play and enjoy
this game and MAKE copies for your friends. This game is supported by the
sale of computers by MoraffWare.

Example: 12 mhz XT, 1 meg RAM, 30 meg hard drive, 101 kbd, monitor - $849
and: Fast AT, 2 megs RAM, 65 meg 28ms HD, 1:1 int., kbd, monitor - $1349

We offer same day shipping, toll-free tech support, Visa M/C at no surcharge
and many other benefits. We also specialize in computer lab installations.

NOTE: F3 and F4 can be used to fine tune the speed of the game on fast machines.
Feel free to distribute copies of this game using any of the following methods:
1) Placing complete program on bulletin boards.
2) Making copies for friends.
3) Giving a free copy to paying customers.
4) Charging a nominal fee for the cost of the diskettes.
5) Anything else you can think of.

Type `PINBALL' to start the game. You must reboot to end the game since the
keyboard is reprogrammed to allow the use of five keys simultaeously.

Our toll-free order line is 800-VGA-MULT (842-6858) or 512-462-9554 in Texas.

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