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The game of SORRY in EGA.
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The game of SORRY in EGA.
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SORRY! Version 1.03 EGA

Equipment requirements:

IBM/compatible with 384K of Memory.
EGA card with 256K memory.
EGA monitor.

This MS-DOS adaptation of the game of SORRY! is played intuitively, using
the same rules as the board game - with only ONE Option: Since the rules for
SLIDES is a bit ambiguous when it comes to an 11 or a Sorry Card, I have made
the following a variable:

Answering Yes to the Option allows a player, who during a Card 11
Exchange or a Sorry Card Bump lands on the beginning space of a different
colored Slide, to Slide to the end of that Slide.

Answering No voids this Option. When in doubt about your response, answer
YES - it is much more exciting that way!

This version does not have a Save Game feature. I have planned that for a
forthcoming version. Please let me know if you find any logic errors, if you
have any requested improvements, or if you just enjoy the game. FEEDBACK makes
all this very enjoyable! Do not send any money. I have programmed this game
for the enjoyment of doing it!

This EGA version of the game was programmed using TurboPascal verion 4.0.

In the near future, I am starting a CGA version of this game. The main
drawback is the VARIETY of different COLORS necessary to differentiate between
all the tokens and the slides, etc. We'll see!!

Also available, for Tandy 1000 owners, is my SORRY ver 1.0 - that edition of
the game was my first attempt at programming a game. The following is some
history on that file:

Some background on what got this whole thing started. Around the first part
of 1987, I became very interested in the Tandy 1000's Mode 9 -the Medium
Resolution 320X200 graphics screen. But since no software vendor, except GW-
Basic, made anything that could program this Mode, I decided to undertake a
large challenge - to make my own software. I had just been introduced to
TurboPascal version 3.0 and wanted to stay with that language. During the
summer of 1987, I programmed 17 different assembly language graphics routines
for use with TurboPascal. The 17 routines have been entitled TGRAPH - for
Tandy Graphics. These Mode 9 Graph procedures are currently available on
several bulletin boards. After seeing how a graphics screen programmed in 16
colors appears - great! - I wanted to try my hand at programming an actual
game. I decided on SORRY! to begin with. Hopefully, the game can be gradually
improved, with input from the players. This version of SORRY! has been
programmed using TurboPascal Version 4.0 and my TGRAPH routines.

****** HISTORY of Sorry! EGA versions ******

EGASORRY ver 1.01 : released 3/7/88. First release of the EGA version.

EGASORRY ver 1.02 : released 3/9/88. This version improved the game speed
by allowing the player to select Viewing the Card or not. If player
answers NO to the query, the game stays with the EGA screen and does
NOT have to redraw the board after each turn. The only time that the
screen goes to a TextMode, is during Deck Reshuffle. Also, this version
has the Text Characters and EGA Driver "included" into the ".exe" file -
thereby not needing the extra "EGAVGA.BGI and TRIP.CHR" files.

EGASORRY ver 1.03 : released 3/16/88. This version was a tremendous
improvement over the past - due to excellent input from players.
Improvements include: (1) detailing the Hot Keys on the
graphics screen. (2) Removed the ambiguity in how I was signifying
which token was available for movement or exchange. Now, only the
"available" token and its number are detailed on the right-hand side
of the screen. (3) If only ONE token is available for a particular
move, the computer will automatically MAKE the move! (4) When you
are prompted for a Token Number or Number of Spaces, just pressing
the appropriate key (without an ) will start movement.
Try to streamline and speed up the game - with much less keystrokes.
(5) In past versions, I used Dark Grey coloring to BLOCKOUT any
option that was NOT available - but NOW, I have completely Deleted
the unavailable option(s). This was done so that a player could
not be confused on what option is available. (6) Blue Danube is
a beautiful song. BUT not that often! I have deleted it from the
first three tokens entering HOME. I only play the tune when the
FINAL TOKEN has entered HOME.
The Auto-Select and Auto-Move improvements have been
completed on all card numbers except for "11". After
I get some more input from players on how the improvements
have been received so far, then I will consider doing
the "auto" routines on all cards.

Enjoy the game!

Joe Glockner
141 Circle Drive,
Denison, Tx 75020

March 16, 1988

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