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Ega game of Solitaire, requires mouse.
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Ega game of Solitaire, requires mouse.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Enclosed is the lastest edition of EGA-Solitaire. Version 1.4

1> Card movement is speeded up.

2> Mouse cursor is defined as a hand to make it show up with some
pointing devices that it did not before. I.e. Summa-graphics tablet.

3> You can save your options which include:
Beep On/off
Background color
Deal rule

I don't have any other graphic boards to attempt to make this game
work with nor do I have any other pointing devices. So I have no
way to test the program. Currently, Solitaire only works with an
EGA and a Microsoft compatible mouse (or mouse driver).

Thanks to all for your suggestions, etc.. Sorry, but we still don't
allow cheating. Maybe when I get a break from all the network programming
that I'm currently doing, I add some of the other suggestions.

Feel free to spread this new version around!

John A. Junod
3005c Greene Place
West Point NY 10996

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