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| version 93.03 |

In "Voyage to the Planet Earth", you are aboard a spacecraft with a
spectacular view of the earth. Use the directional keys to move
about or zoom in for a closer look. You may view the earth in its
natural state or you may view it with the political boundaries
marked and the major cities identified.
In a "navigation challenge" function, you are aboard a flying saucer
hovering somewhere above the earth; your objective is to find your
way home with only your knowledge of geography to guide you.

"Voyage to the Planet Earth" consists of these four files:
EARTH1.COM the program
EARTH1.MAP the world map (natural)
EARTH1.PAP the world map (political boundaries)
README.DOC me telling you this

Technical requirements:
This program requires an EGA/VGA monitor.
This program uses about 340K of memory (or 260K if you dont press F6).

"Voyage to the Planet Earth" is a Shareware Product. Please support
the shareware concept by registering your copy of this program.
The exciting Details of the registration process are displayed on the
exit screen of the EARTH1 program.

This program is provided 'as is' and carries no warranty, express or
implied. We will not be liable for any incidental or consequential
damages arising from the use or inability to use this program.
This program and all its components are copyright 1993, WWW Software.

Comments, Bugs, and Suggestions:
Please direct all correspondence to:
WWW Software, PO Box 1779, Woodland, California 95695.
We cannot reply personally to all correspondence, however, all comments,
bug reports and suggestions are appreciated and will be considered for
implementation in the next release of this program.

OK lets get started:
Type "EARTH1" at the DOS Prompt!

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Archive   : EARTH93.ZIP
Filename : README.DOC

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