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Dragon's Domain IV, Spellbinder's Retreat. Version 1.1. Graphics have gotten much better, and the game now supports Adlib (and 100% compatables, such as the Sound Blaster). Watch for Dragon's Domain V (will have scrolling
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Welcome to DND, a computer fantasy role playing game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. As Gary Gygax explained in the foreward of the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons, this game is not for everyone.
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Contents of the CLERIC.DOC file

There are two classes of spells: Those that last for a while,
and those that don't. In each of these classes are two further
distinctions: Spells that are meant for use in combat, and those that

Combat spells are flagged with a '*'. These may or may not work,
depending on the relative levels of the spell caster and his target. If
the opponent is a great deal more powerful than the Cleric, it is very
highly resistant to the latter's magicking. The formula for spell
efficacy varies from spell to spell, and contains a random factor.

Each spell is described briefly, and is labeled 'Combat,' if ap-
plicable. In addition, each is labeled either 'Immediate' or 'Duration.'
The former do whatever it is that they do RIGHT NOW, while the latter's
effects take a little while to disperse.

The next page contains the Spell Tables. The four pages
following describe the spells themselves, one level per page.

Clerical Spells:

Level 1Level 2
1 Protection from Evil 1 Detect Traps
2 Light 2 Silence
3 Cure Light Wounds 3 Pray
4* Turn Undead 4* Hold Monster

Level 3Level 4
1 Cure Serious Wounds 1*Holy Word
2* Dispell Undead 2*Finger of Death
3 Continual (Bright) Light 3*Blade Barrier
4* Plague 4Heal

* - Combat Spells

First Level Spells:

Protection from Evil: Causes monsters to be at a disadvantage on attacks.

Light:Creates a point-source of light, equivalent to one
(Duration)torch, to appear over the caster's head. Multiple
applications of this spell increase visability.

Cure Light Wounds:Heals 2-7 points of damage incurred by the caster.
(Immediate)In no event will this increase hit points past their
base value.

*Turn Undead:Causes Vampires and Ghouls to run away in sheer terror.

Second Level Spells:

Detect Traps:Increases, for the duration of the spell, the caster's
(Duration)ability to find traps in loot, such as an exploding

Silence:Puts attacking monsters at a disadvantage, and lowers
(Duration)the probability of encountering Wandering Monsters.

Prayer:Gives the caster an advantage when attacking; i.e.,
(Duration)makes it easier for him/her to hit his/her opponent.

*Hold Monster:Causes the caster's opponent to be HELD (temporarily
(Immediate)placed in stasis). A HELD monster cannot fight back,
nor can it dodge.

Third Level Spells:

Cure Serious Wounds:Heals 4-14 points of damage to the caster.

*Dispell Undead:Causes Vampires or Ghouls to be utterly annihilated.

Continual Light:Causes a bright point-source of light to appear above
(Duration)the caster's head. This light will remain for the
duration of the adventure. See also LIGHT (1st Level).

*Plague:Causes the caster's opponent to contract a combination
(Immediate)of several deadly diseases, which will kill it in one

Fourth Level Spells:

*Holy Word:Banishes the caster's opponent to eternal damnation.

*Finger of Death:Imbues the caster's finger (which is immediately
(Immediate)applied to the opponent) with such unspeakable
God-granted power that living things cannot contain
it. Therefore, they die instantly.

*Blade Barrier:Causes a circular wall of flashing, moving swords to
(Immediate)appear around the caster. This wall increases in
diameter with great rapidity, catching and destroying
any attacking monster.

Heal:Totally cures ALL damage the caster has incurred.

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