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DUNJAX V1.0. Dunjax is a side-view action-adventure game that challenges you to shoot and jump/levitate your way through massive underground labryinths filled with traps & creatures.
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DUNJAX V1.0. Dunjax is a side-view action-adventure game that challenges you to shoot and jump/levitate your way through massive underground labryinths filled with traps & creatures.
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Contents of the DUNJAX.DOC file

Version 1.00
Copyright 1990 Jeff Mather, David Niec

ibm pc or compatible computer
128k random access memory
color graphics adapter
color graphics monitor
disk drive
dos 2.0 or later version

Dunjax is a side-view action-adventure game challenging you to shoot and
jump/levitate your way through massive underground labryinths filled with
hazardous traps and relentless creatures. Full-screen tile graphics
are used to simulate the dungeons about you.

DUNJAX DISK FILES- program file file file
dunjax.doc.........this file

To play Dunjax, enter "dunjax" at the operating system prompt.

As an intrepid astral explorer you have discovered many uncharted solar
systems and their respective planets. On your latest starship-propelled
expedition you have found a previously unknown planetoid with a liveable
atmosphere, a rarity of outstanding proportions. However, in attempting
to touch down on its surface mechanical problems have caused you to
crash land on a muddy mountain basin, your ship nearly meeting destruction.

Coming to from a prolonged period of unconciousness you have found that
creatures of the strange native wildlife have bored into your craft's
hull and have either eaten or stolen an essential propulsion device
necessary for you to lift off, once repairs on the ship have been made.

Following the large, webbed tracks which lead from the hull, you have found
and entered a large cave that cuts into the bottom of a sheer cliff face,
This cliff towers over the basin in which you have crashed. Having donned
your needler rifle and propulsive boots you hope to be prepared for whatever
you will face in the search ahead. If it still exists, the missing
engine part must be found for you to get off the planet and return to
your explorations.

The commands you use to play Dunjax are displayed onscreen right before
you are about to begin play.

To jump/levitate, you must press the up arrow key and then the left
and right arrow keys to move horizontally onscreen while in midair.

You begin the game with forty-two lives, shown as blue dots across the bottom
of the screen. When these blue dots are entirely gone, your current game
is over and you will start the next game from the last cave entrance you
have passed through.

Dunjax is distributed through the shareware system of marketing. Please
register your copy of Dunjax with the authors by mailing 10 dollars to the
to the following address:

David Niec
1171 W. Chapala Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85704

Also, please let those you know who are interested in Dunjax make copies of
the game (and its related files) for themselves. Your support of Dunjax is
greatly appreciated.

Registrants of Dunjax can order any of the other 5 games that we, the
authors of Dunjax, have made, for 10 dollars apiece (the Falcity/Soldier
combination costs $10 total). Mail your order to the address above.
These games (Ranadin, Archer, Falcity/Soldier, and Requiem) ARE NOT
SHAREWARE, and can only be purchased from we, the authors, ourselves.
All five are similar in quality to Dunjax and all come with a
seven-day money-back guarantee. All are meant for use with the same
system requirements as that for Dunjax.

The five games are:

RANADIN (v3.0) - A highly improved version of the original release.
This is a graphical fantasy adventure game that has you explore
many areas in the hopes of fulfilling your quest. You must traverse
the islands of Argentan seeking to find the history and weaknesses
of their conqueror, the Dark Mage. His ruthless hordes of creatures
guard the treasures of their previous plunderings.

ARCHER (v3.0) - Armed with a newly-invented rapid-fire crossbow, you
must reclaim your homeland from the evil known as the Summoner
Gemination, whose power enables it to magically animate incredible
numbers of enchanted enemies. Your fight will take you above and below
ground as you search for the path to the heart of the chaos. Like
Ranadin, full-screen color graphics are used to represent your

FALCITY (v2.0) / SOLDIER (v1.0) - In Falcity, you are a private
investigator attempting to solve a case you have not been hired for.
You traverse the streets and buildings of a busy city district, trying
to expose a nefarious crime element there without getting shot up.
Again, this is a full-screen graphical adventure. Soldier is an
all-action game where you, a mercenary armed with an assault rifle,
face the machine-gun-toting troops of a cruel Central American military
power. You must quickly eliminate your enemies as you work your way
northward, destroying the trucks and buildings of the opposition along
the way.

REQUIEM (v1.0) - Requiem is the successor game of Ranadin. Using the
same graphics system as Ranadin, Requiem has you manuever your character
around the lands of Mezcla on a mission for the imperious King Sysalt.
You must explore the caves, temples, and graveyards of the areas you
cover to complete your quest. Towns provide a safe haven during your
travels and allow for the healing of your battle wounds. Outside the
towns, however, watch out! The enemies of the king are all about,
seeking to destroy his minions at the first opportunity.

Registering Dunjax puts you on a mailing list for upcoming product
announcements such as new games or hint books.

DUNJAX II (v1.0) will be available for ordering starting in October 1990
for the same $10 price. This game will not be shareware.

The first registered user of Dunjax to send us a photograph of the game
screen where the starship part is located will receive a free copy of all
five of the other games that we offer for sale.

All other registered users of Dunjax who do the same thing will receive
a free game of their choice out of the other five games that we sell
with their next game order from us.


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