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A simple (and boring) drag racing game with EGA graphics. Perhaps some drag racing fans out there will enjoy it.
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A simple (and boring) drag racing game with EGA graphics. Perhaps some drag racing fans out there will enjoy it.
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Contents of the DRAGCITY.DOC file

Welcome to DRAGCITY U.S.A. Copyright Richard Nikula 1990.

Your uncle died and has left you his dragster. Its not state of the art. In
fact, its a manual 3 speed job with the engine in front of the driver. You've
decided to cast good judgement aside and race it yourself.

To drive, you need an accelerator and a clutch. If you have a mouse, the
right button acts as the accelerator. When pressed, you accelerate otherwise
you slow down. The left button is your clutch. Just tap it whenever you want
to change gears (and initially to leave the starting line). If you don't use
a mouse, the space bar can be used as an accelerator (pressing it once starts
accelerating and pressing it again starts slowing you down). Also the ENTER
key is the clutch (which works just like the left mouse button).

The first thing you need to do is stage. This is done by accelerating up to
the starting line. As you enter the staging area, the upper yellow light
will turn on. As you complete staging, the 2nd yellow light goes on. Once
this occurs, the remainder of the lights will begin to cycle. You want to
engage the clutch as soon as the bottom green light goes on. If you engage
the clutch too soon, you "red light" and have to start over. You also need
to adjust your engine speed (using the tachometer) to get a good start while
not starting too slow, "going up in smoke", or blowing your engine. Your RPMs
when you leave the starting line have a big influence on racing time.
Once you have starting racing, you will change from the starting line view to
the racing view. As you race, you will need to shift. Shifting too soon
will result in lugging down the engine and a slower racing time. Shifting
too late also slows the racing time. You'll have to get to know your car to
determine the optimum points. If you rev your engine too high, it will break
so be careful going above "red line". If you blow your engine while racing,
the red light in the middle of the oil gauge will glow (you may be able to
coast across the finish line if you are going fast enough).

At the completion of the quarter mile, your ending speed, elapsed time, and
best time for this execution are shown.

At the completion of each race, your options are displayed at the top of the
screen. To race again, click the left button on the continue box. To change
the gear values for additional race scenarios, click on the gears box. To
quit, click on the quit box. If during the race, you want to quit, pressing
ESC will display these boxes. Only continue and quit can be selected (gears
can only be adjusted between races).

If you don't have a mouse, C, G, and Q can be used for Continue, Gears, and
Quit, respectively.
If you select the gears display, the current settings will be shown in red.
Each gear has an optimum speed range which yields the most increase in RPMs.
Above and below this range, the gears are less efficient (and thus result in
slower elapsed times). The low gear range also has an affect on the RPMs at
which "burn out" will occur (burn out is easy to recognize because the RPMs
will be high but the speed will be low). The ranges and values for each gear
are shown on the gears display. You can choose from 5 different sets of
gears for 1st through 3rd. You can mix and match any combination of the 5
gears. With a mouse, just click on the desired square. When complete, click
on the accept box. If you don't have a mouse, just select the square desired
by its coordinate. For example, L2, M3 (This will be clearer when you see the
gears display). To accept the changes, simply type an A.

There is also an automatic transmission mode (which isn't much of a challenge
but can be used to determine what the best possible speed is for a given set
of gears). In this mode, all you have to do is hold down the accelerator.
Leaving the starting line, shifting, etc are handled automatically. Although
this is automatic, there is some variation and the elapsed time will vary a
little. This mode can be activated / deactivated by selecting CTRL-A.
Option flags are available when executing DRAGCITY. They are as follows:

-m : Suppress mouse usage even if a mouse is present. All entry must be
done through the keyboard.

-s : Suppresses the sound effects.

-h : Suppresses the request to view help.

-p : Suppresses EGA page switching. If your graphics card doesn't work with
the paging active, try this option. It will result in slower elapsed
times however.

For example DRAGCITY -s -m invokes DRACGCITY without mouse support and
without sound.

The file README.CTY has additional information on the requirements for
use of DRAGCITY.

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