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Dragon's Domain I v1.1. VGA Adventure game. Slight improvement over 1.0 in that the graphics are faster (less flicker on slow computers). Keep a watch for sequals, game system gets better with each episode.
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Dragon’s Domain I v1.1. VGA Adventure game. Slight improvement over 1.0 in that the graphics are faster (less flicker on slow computers). Keep a watch for sequals, game system gets better with each episode.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DRAG.DOC 4487 2142 deflated
DRAG.EXE 42464 21659 deflated
LITT.CHR 5131 2118 deflated
M1-1.MAP 414 140 deflated
M1-2.MAP 304 102 deflated
M1-3.MAP 361 119 deflated
M1-4.MAP 91 46 deflated
M1-5.MAP 72 38 deflated
M10-1.MAP 117 61 deflated
M10-2.MAP 394 133 deflated
M10-3.MAP 204 80 deflated
M10-4.MAP 72 42 deflated
M10-5.MAP 416 139 deflated
M2-1.MAP 140 59 deflated
M2-2.MAP 433 130 deflated
M2-3.MAP 332 119 deflated
M2-4.MAP 53 35 deflated
M2-5.MAP 97 53 deflated
M3-1.MAP 202 82 deflated
M3-2.MAP 313 110 deflated
M3-3.MAP 275 102 deflated
M3-4.MAP 74 45 deflated
M3-5.MAP 53 35 deflated
M4-1.MAP 110 52 deflated
M4-2.MAP 416 139 deflated
M4-3.MAP 227 88 deflated
M4-4.MAP 53 35 deflated
M4-5.MAP 53 35 deflated
M5-1.MAP 182 76 deflated
M5-2.MAP 372 111 deflated
M5-3.MAP 312 108 deflated
M5-4.MAP 97 51 deflated
M5-5.MAP 117 61 deflated
M6-1.MAP 316 108 deflated
M6-2.MAP 515 144 deflated
M6-3.MAP 438 126 deflated
M6-4.MAP 482 149 deflated
M6-5.MAP 96 55 deflated
M7-1.MAP 273 93 deflated
M7-2.MAP 298 101 deflated
M7-3.MAP 416 139 deflated
M7-4.MAP 97 54 deflated
M7-5.MAP 416 139 deflated
M8-1.MAP 376 114 deflated
M8-2.MAP 363 114 deflated
M8-3.MAP 373 114 deflated
M8-4.MAP 417 135 deflated
M8-5.MAP 773 189 deflated
M9-1.MAP 395 117 deflated
M9-2.MAP 404 108 deflated
M9-3.MAP 225 87 deflated
M9-4.MAP 347 112 deflated
M9-5.MAP 310 99 deflated
SVGA256.BGI 5372 3043 deflated

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Contents of the DRAG.DOC file

The Dragon's Domain.
(C) 1992 Ed T. Toton III
All Rights Rseerved.


Welcome to The Dragon's Domain!! This game was inspired by ADVENTURE
on the Atari game systems ages ago. The concepts and goals are quite simple
indeed, but actually accomplishing it is a different matter. You will have
to face many perils in your quest. 3 great dragons are waiting to stomp
on you, and many other creatures gaurd key points in your quest, including
skeletons, fire elementals, ogres, ghosts, and more.


This game requires DOS 3.0 or greater, and at least 512k RAM (total).
The graphics are simple in appearance, but drawn using a new technique I
have designed using XOR operations and virtual screen memory.


To run the game, simply make sure all of it's files are in the same
directory and type DRAG at the dos prompt. The controsl are extremely
simple. You use the cursor keys/number keys to steer your guy. SPACEBAR
is your fire-button. In the beginning of the game you have a stick to
use as a weapon (very weak), and later you can get the sword.

Long long ago, in the land of Tikki-tikki-nowbanna, there was a powerful
wizard. He was a very good wizard. He defended the land for many centuries
against evil. One day, his dragons (Fexdon, Rantor, and Kellwith) turned
against him and took the sacred chalice and hid it. With the chalice gone,
the wizard was all but powerless. Many evil creatures quickly sprang forth
and covered the countryside.
Now a new hero has arrived, YOU! You must find the chalice, and return
it to it's shrine (which is hidden, by the way). You must navigate four
seperate mazes, two of which are dark (one is VERY dark indeed). Six castles
lay ahead of you, each locked with it's own key of the same color as the
castle. Do you have what it takes to defeat the evil beasts and recover the


Rantor: Red Dragon
Fexdon: Green Dragon
Kellwith: Blue Dragon
Turgo: Bat


1.1 - New XOR routine makes graphics faster!!! This means less flicker
and slow-down on slower computers.


This program is being distributed on the "freeware" concept. If you think
the program is of use to you, and if you can find it in your heart, please
send a donation of $5. If you think that is rediculous, then send less (or
more for that matter). If you hate the program or found too many bugs, write
me and tell me, and include a graphic explanation (but don't be too harsh!!
Heheheh). In any event, write to:

Ed T. Toton III
7101 Talisman Lane
Columbia Md 21045


This program is provided "AS IS" and I make no gauruntees about it's
performance. I will not be and can not be held responsible for any damages
incurred during it's use. It's on a "use at your own risk" basis. Nothing
at all should happen, the program is harmless, but I have to say it anyway.
Using the program AT ALL means that you agree to these terms.


This program may be freely distributed (which is actually encouraged)
AS IS. No one may modify this program in ANY way. ESPECIALLY where names
and credit is given, and INCLUDING all the documentation and data files.
It may NOT be used for comercial or profit-turning ventures of any kind,
including sale by disk vendors, without the written consent by ME, with
ONE exception. Disk vendors MAY sell it without my written consent ONLY
if they charge no more than $4 higher then the cost of the disk, AND they
register it first. NOTHING may be added to it either. NO BBS ads are
allowed EXCEPT as zip comments, or as a single SEPERATE text file.


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, criticisms, donations,
remarks, praise or opinions, please write! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!
(the address is listed above).

And watch for the upcoming sequal:
The Dragon's Domain II, Restoration.

Ed T. Toton III

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