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Disk No: 1220
Program Title: DRACULA IN LONDON version 1.03
PC-SIG version 1

DRACULA in London is a spell binding adventure game with outstanding
graphics for 1 to 6 players.

The plot of DRACULA in London is to track down the blood-thirsty
vampire and put an end to his evil menace. Each player assumes the
role of one of six vampire hunters; Van Helsing - renowned
metaphysician, Mina Harker - school mistress, Jonathan Harker -
solicitor's clerk, Dr. Seward - head of a lunatic asylum, Arthur
Holmwood - son of Lord Godalming, and Quincy Morris - wealthy young
Texan. Provisions include sacred weapons, equipment, and animals.

Full of surprises and fast moving, DRACULA will provide you
hours of excitement. Be sure to wear your garlic and bring your own

Usage: Adventure Game.

Special Requirements: Requires CGA graphics.

How to Start: Type GO (press enter).

Suggested Registration: $6.00

File Descriptions:

DRACULA EXE Main program.
DRACULA1 EXE Subprogram.
LAIR1 EXE Lair programs.
LAIR2 EXE Lair programs.
ROOMSUB EXE Draw room program.
HUNTER1 EXE Hunter status program.
ENDGAME EXE Final program.
BRUN20 EXE Library program.
FINDATA1 TXT Binary picture file.
FINDATA2 TXT Binary picture file.
BOARD1 BAS Binary picture file.
BOARD2 BAS Binary picture file.
README DOC Author's Address.
1 Binary picture files.
2 Binary picture files.
3 Binary picture files.
4 Binary picture files.
5 Binary picture files.
7 Binary picture files.

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