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by William Soleau March 1990

Requires EGA or VGA Graphics

Doublolo is a variation of the classic game Othello. The
Board however is not 8 x 8 but 14 by 23, yet it varies with
each game. Therefore no two games are ever alike.

The object of the game is to have the majority of your
color squares on the board at the end of the game. The rules
are quite simple, it takes a minute to learn and with
practice you'll see yourself improving steadily.

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to call
heads or tails. This will decide who will go first.

There are two colors; you are Red and the computer
opponent is White. At the beginning of each game, there are
two groups of chips placed some where on then game grid board.
There are also darker blue squares placed randomly
around the grid. These are squares which cannot be used, they
remain there throughout the game.

On your move, use the arrow keys or mouse to place your
square onto the game board. A move consists of outflanking
your opponents squares by putting it so that your color is on
either side; or diagonally , of your opponents squares (White).

Example: rWWWR you would capture all the White squares
between your two Red ones. Therefore it would flip them
to look like this: RRRRR. A square may outflank any number
of squares in one or more row in any number of directions at
the same time, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. (A row
is defined as on or more squares in a continuous straight line)


Your Move-> rRRRW WRRRW

To place your piece on the board, press the
or Click lft or Rgt Button for mouse. If on your turn you
cannot flip at least one opponents color, your turn is
forfeited and your opponent moves again. The computer will
tell you if this is the case. However, if a move is
available to you, you may not forfeit your turn.

You many not skip over your own color square to outflank
an opposing square. Square(s) may only be outflanked as a
direct result of a move and must fall in the direct line of
the square placed down.

Example: wRRRWRRW flips to WWWWRRW

The game is over either all the grid squares have been
filled or when it is no longer possible for either player to
flip any opponents squares. The computer will give you a
running score of squares in the upper left hand corner of
the screen. When the game ends, the one with the most
squares of his color will be the winner.

Keys: uit ew Game (start over)
ound Toggle oss Key (for office)
sae Game to Disk oad Game from disk
ake back move ptions (keys def.)

CIS ID: 71355,470

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Archive   : DOUBOLO.ZIP
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