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Doral "Blue Monster" course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited.
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Doral “Blue Monster” course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited.
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Contents of the DORAL.DOC file

Course Name: Doral Country Club ("The Blue Monster")
Location: Maimi, Florida
For use with: Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf by Accolate
Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult with Expert Pro Mode
Computer course designer: Don Thayer (CIS & GEnie)

Course Notes:
The plot and yardages for this course were taken from a book
titled "America's Greates Golf Courses" by Davy Forman and
published by The Image Bank.

The cart paths were not shown on the original plot plan so
they were located in the most logical areas as were the trees
and shrubs. The actual holes are positioned closer together
than shown, but do to the limitations of the Designer program
they came out as they are shown in the plot plan when the
course is first selected. As a result, the water areas appear
larger than they actually are in the plan view, however, on a
hole to hole bases the water hazards are fairly proportional.

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