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At The Dog Track

Version 0.95

@ 9/17/1989

David Bernazzani
Todd Rego


"At The Dog Track" is a program written in C and is designed
to simulate the fun and excitement of a real dogtrack. Eight dogs,
numbered from 1 to 8 will race across the screen, back across the
top and then back to the bottom to the finish line. Before each
race, a list of dogs, their times, their weights, approximate odds
and how well they finished in their last 5 races. All of these are
factors to determine how well the dog will run for that race. This
does not mean that the dog with the best time and fastest races
will win, only that it has a better chance of winning than the
others. That's gambling for you!

Many of the bets covered at a real dogtrack are also simulated
here. You can choose a dog to WIN PLACE or SHOW, choose a TRIFECTA
for the fourth race, you can choose SUPERFECTA or SUPERFECTA BOX.
A brief description of each follows:

WIN - Min $2.00 bet. Must be 1st to win.
PLACE - Min $2.00 bet. Must be 1st or 2nd to win.
SHOW - Min $2.00 bet. Must be 1st, 2nd or 3rd to win.
TRIFECTA - $2.00 bet. Pick 3 dogs in EXACT order. Higher
payoff than Trifecta Box or Trifecta Key.
TRIFECTA BOX - $6.00 bet. Pick 3 dogs in ANY order.
TRIFECTA KEY - $2.00 bet. Pick 3 dogs. 1st dog is key and
must come in 1st to win.
QUINELLA - $2.00 bet. Pick 2 dogs and they must come in 1st
or 2nd to win.
QUINELLA BOX - $6.00 bet. Pick 3 dogs. Any 2 must come in 1st
and 2nd to win.
SUPERFECTA - $12.00 bet. Pick 4 dogs. First is key and must
win. The other 3 dogs can come in any order.
SUPERFECTA BOX - $48.00 bet. Pick 4 dogs. Can come in ANY

Note: Superfecta is only done in race #4.

To start the game type DOGTRACK at the DOS prompt. If you need
help, press H in the main screen. If you need help with bets,
press the H key in the bet window. To enter the Bet Window, press
'B' from the main odds screen. To leave the bet window, press the
X key. To exit the game, press Q at the main screen. There is a
high score list for those of you who are superior betters.

Good Luck.

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