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FAQ about Doom game from id.

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** The "Official" DOOM FAQ v5.0 **
WRITTEN BY: Hank Leukart
Includes: Cheat codes, spoilers,
troubleshooting, add-on software,
and more about DOOM by id Software.

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FAQ about Doom game from id.
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Contents of the DOOM50.TXT file

"It keeps going and going...": Nothing outlasts the "Official" DOOM
FAQ by Hank Leukart. (well, maybe the Energizer Bunny, but even *IT*
runs out of batteries sometime!) v5.0 immediately follows this

Here are the top ten reasons the "Official" DOOM FAQ keeps going and going!

(10) Idiots STILL think Apogee is published it. (they're not, id is!)
(9) Fools STILL haven't tried the cheat codes. (god mode and radiation suit!)
(8) Dimwits STILL think it's "just another" Wolf 3-D game. (it's not)
(7) Imbeciles STILL think hasn't been released. (released on Dec. 10)
(6) Morons have NO IDEA what "DOOM iNsAnItY" is. (read and find out!)
(5) Cretins STILL don't know where EVERY secret door is. (published here!)
(4) Simpletons STILL have never tried a multi-player games. (it tells how!)
(3) Everyone is a DOOM "drooling insomniac." (absolutely EVERYONE is!)
(2) People have nothing better to do. (get a life!) 🙂


(1) Airheads still haven't seen the revised copyright notice. (check it out!)

Here's the new additions for v5.0!

o COMPLETELY rewritten
o Huge amounts of new information on multi-playing
o Complete documentation on cheat codes and command line parameters
o Detailed instructions on finding secret doors, the chain saw, and more
o Large section on DOOM add-on software
o Enormous troubleshooting section in case you're having problems with DOOM
o Two new additions to DOOM iNsAnItY
o Almost DOUBLE the size of the previous FAQ
o Almost one-twentieth the size of the actual game

See the message immediately following this for ALL THIS AND MORE!

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